5-star weapons question (fast Trait)

Hei guys,

I was lucky and pulled 2 docs, and consider make TeamPlayer on both, level 5 weapon, but I have a question…

If 2 docs have teamplayer, is it then x2?

Example of defense:

Laopo - doc - aarav - doc - maggyie

4x fast trait defenders

Is it then: 40% from one weapon healing (beacuase of 4 fast trait in defense) and 40% from another yellow weapon if both Team Player? so it will be 80% per round? I have I misunderstood the whole thing?


See 5-Star Weapon Effects Details [11/18]

Any status effect with a turn duration will not stack with other status effects, except healing and bonus HP. Any stat increase without a turn duration will stack with other stat increases.

Fast Crit - Fast Healing: Up to two teammates regain +10% HP per turn for each Fast teammate on the team
Strong Crit - Strong Attacks: At the start of each turn, all teammates get 10% ATK for 1 turn for each Strong teammate on the team
Alert Crit - Alert Buffs: At the start of each turn, all teammates get 10% DEF for 1 turn for each Alert teammate on the team
Tough Crit - Tough Health: Up to two teammates get +5% Bonus HP per turn for each Tough teammate on the team

Yellows and blues stack, but the def/atk bonus from red and green does not.

Okay thanks…

So I need to have armory level 20, then upgrade weapon to level 5, and researh “team player” and then try the luck ?

Yes. I’d expect it to take as long on average as the third slot crits, and you’ll need a lot of materials so it will probably take a while.

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Even with the club membership? I researching atm. to TeamPlayer 4

И даже имея вероятность критического успеха 80 % вы вряд ли что то получите путного.
3-и захода и 3-раза не сработало, и три раза выпадало одно и тоже(4-й уровень командный защитник) 30% к криту в ряду. Похоже что кроме этого там ничего не выпадает…

And even with a critical success rate of 80%, you are unlikely to get anything worthwhile.
The 3rd call and 3 times did not work, and the same thing happened three times (4th level team defender) 30% of the crit in a row. It seems that apart from this, nothing falls out there …

Non-craftable parts are going to be the problem, the craftable ones are going to be ok with or without SR.

@Vlastelin I’m pretty confident the 80% is wrong. See here: What the heck is wrong with the armory

@GR.Scopely, can you inquire with the team if I’m right in that post and the display is wrong?

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But will it stack then? If both docs have it, and there are 4 fast toons ?

Each of them should heal two toons for 40% HP each. At least, that’s the only way I can read this, and the info post explicitly supports this by saying that HP and bonus HP effects stack.

I don’t have this trait on any weapon, so I can’t speak from personal experience.

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