5 star weapons and how they are gained?


Hello all,

Quick question, I know 5 star weapons aren’t here yet but it’s something Scopely have been planning,

@JB.Scopely my question is when 5 star weapons are released are they going to be gained in a way that toons are ie ascend a certain amount of 4 star weapons to make a 5 star weapon or are they only going to be ascertained through drops and the weapon wheel as well as those who will purchase too?

Been wondering for a while and hope someone may have heard something :))

Thanks to all who respond :slight_smile:


Based on how Scopely has released new features in the past, players won’t get this information until a few days before 5* weapons are put into beta, or maybe even not until it’s actually in the beta version.


I was thinking that but was hoping someone may have heard something lol, worth a shoutout to jb though you never know!


I have always heard scopely saying there is nothing planned about 5* weapons when people asked. So not sure if you will get more info


I know worth an ask though ayy!! If I did atleast everyone would know too hehe!

I do believe 5 star weapons will come as there is the grease etc for them when you check what parts you have for the crafting


Yeah sure. That’s why the forums are here :slight_smile:
Logically speaking this is likely to be up and out in the future


Weapon wheel duhh. Ever wondered why there hasn’t been a premier weapon wheel in a while? Bc they’re redesigning it.


I know that lol but I’m asking as to when there releasing it not whether they will be, I’m not sure whether I’m excited about it or not hmm


There are no 5* weapons SMMFH


If you actually took time to read you muppet you’d see that I actually know there are no 5* weapons I’m querying as to whether any boy has heard about the potential release date of them as it will be happening


Yeah scopley is silent they never say nothing


I know we will log on one day and there will be 5 * weapons lol


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