5 star version war

Dear Scopely.
This time we are facing typical teams and characters on war. Lets make smth new
Only 5star characters war. It will be nice and competitive to forget for some days about legends


It’s been mentioned a lot on here, sounds good in principal but there are a lot of people active in the game now that don’t hold any maxed 5* toons to fight with, they just have legendary toons & 5* fodder to ascend them.

What would they do?


As everything it have pros and cons
If it will be a regular event (once a month, once in 3 weeks), hoping everybody can collect and save some 5* stars. Lots of people still holding 5* toons, waithing for better days)


Exactly. Especially those in a new region, this would definitely not work. Even in my old region I don’t have a ton of 5* anymore

This gets brought up every week but it will never happen. Bad idea, 5 stars are in the past. Who even maxed out 5 stars? And the good ones all get ascended :man_facepalming:

This is a recurring input indeed :slight_smile:

It would be fun to have this on an event basis :male_detective:


And level them up? What serious player actually has the spare gear to level a non-ascendable 5★ these days?

The idea sounds like nostalgic bliss, but it’s actually an awful concept. I suspect it’s mainly pedelled by those who have collected a lot of premium 5★ toons during the 6★ era (such as a number of the shields, Priya etc) and can’t quite hack that the toons they once coveted are about as useful as chocolate teapot.


I would love a chocolate teapot tho I’d just eat it.

I was one of those pushing for this at the start of the 6* era but kind of over the idea now truth is would u want to move all ur mods over to ur 5* toons and then pay to move em all back, how many decent toons do you have left unascended all 4 of my Andreas are ascended now and the only 5*s I have kept max are those that are useful for SR that’s not to mention the gear shortages…

I don’t think it would add much but a hinderence is the post mod 6* era. Sorry to say that coz it’s something I would have really enjoyed a year ago…

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So this is a great idea? Wow, you know what would be a great idea? Giving us actual rewards.


Thanksgiving event on the way maybe we could get some gear then again maybe not :wink:

yes its a great idea. Finally i could use my collection of 5* so much fun :slight_smile:

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yeah what about a war of 2*, 3*, 4* and so on?

Ridiculous idea since most of the 5s have become fodder - even the ones that used to be good. and @JB.Scopely just because some random people come up with this stupid idea it doesn’t actually mean it’s a recurring request - the roadmap for the 6* gear though is, perhaps you guys should concentrate on that rather than your “fun” events


I wana 2* war now that sounds epic :slight_smile:

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Selective reading springs to mind…

Do a poll before implementing anything like this. Most people are not on board. Same thing happens everytime this gets brought up. 1 or 2 really like the idea and everyone else says it’s terrible. But let’s listen to the 5%.


Yep very funny how recurring bad ideas get attention but the recurring ideas that are actually worthwhile or helpful to the player base fall to the wayside

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Scopes probably likes the idea of people spending real money for scrap to move mods around. A 5-star war is a terrible idea.

Time to remove the rose tinted glasses and face the game’s reality. 6-stars and the timeout meta are here to stay.


2* war best of all worlds no mods to move all can compete u can level a few teams in a day easy and no sheilds or revives for the noobs to cry about

Screw 2* war, I want Lillith wars!


Didn’t even think about that a trainer war even better my Trevor tough trainers will rip thru Ur Lilith’s :slight_smile:

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