5 Star Teresa, Where to get her now?

Is it possible to get her from the ascendance tower?

The toon in the featured artwork is the one I’m talking about


I’d love to have her just for collection. I remember doing her roadmap and loving her double punch animation :joy:

I got her tonight pulling for mercer so she in premiere wheel

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Maybe they’ll roll out a convoluted roadmap scheme where she’s the consolation prize…

I’ve stopped pulling for awhile. Just flatly refuse to play the painfully lousy odds…

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Her animations are awesome.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

If they put her in league store I’m gonna get her without second thought. That’s how I finally got Priya… Then I pulled her 2 more times from 5* tokens :joy: :joy:

Her animation reminded me street of rage snes titles xD

I pulled her on her 1st promo from a 10 pull.
Good times. :sunglasses:

She was there, season 1 of the league. Deliberated and did not get. Sigh.

At that time you would be focusing on the 6 star toons.

Streets of Rage is Sega Megadrive/Genesis. Gtfo with your nintendo talk

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10 pulls on mercer, got her

Can’t remember right now if it was from the prestige wheel or the elite token‘s wheel but pulled her this week too.

If you ask enough it might be put in the league store next time round

Do we even have any lighting reflexes 6 stars?

I’ve been lucky enough to pull her a few times


I see, she is in prestige recruits, thanks

Knew it, trap worked xD

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Oh nooo, she was there?? :sob:

I was really poor on league tokens back then, so had to think carefully about who to get lol

Pretty sure she has not been in the league store.