5 star recruit pulls

Ya think we can get some better odds on the 5* recruit pulls? For toons that are now mediocre “if not unusable”, what do you have to lose by giving us better odds before the 7*s get here?


The 7stars are here


One of my fac mates claims if you make 10 pulls a time you get a guaranteed ascendable from 5* tokens because it always happens to her. However, she’s a survivor club member and I don’t know what bucket she’s in from other spending. But it’s not a thing I’ve seen anywhere official…

It’s not true. I recently had to do a 10pull on 5* tokens because of the Halloween event, non-ascendables only. Odds of getting one in a 10pull are around 50% though, so it’s not unreasonable that it might happen to someone over a couple of tries.

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Lol old faction mate did 10 x 10 pulls. Got TWO ascendables lmao. Its such BS.


I got two ascendables from that wheel in all of 2018, with quite active play (top 100 in all but 7 solo events or so, plus all the free pulls they gave out that year from login events etc.). It was yellow Barker and yellow Morgan. RNG can be cruel.

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Yellow Morgan can kind of be used at least. His lead skill for +40 attack vs ranged let’s you run a rainbow team, his active skill recover bleed and give him an 8% weapon or impair on attack etc. Could be decent against raulito leads - turn 2 bleed recovery to 3 toons and can run anyone behind

So the last 2 times I did a 7 pull I have gotten 2 Asscendable’s - Princess and Eloide, and then blue Morgan and Denise, I spent $30 on the Machione event but otherwise have not spent at all - maybe a total $70 for the year. Not sure how I got the golden 5 star bucket?

Everyone gets lucky every once in a while, I was talking more in a broader scope of thing

5* recruit tokens are trash. The odds of getting an ascendable is trash, and most of the ascendables you do get aren’t going to be worth using on a serious team


I’ve used Barker more, tbh, as a crit lead on SR before Duane became ascendable, and once for two weeks for his AP down and a leader skill that was at least a little relevant, but both are terrible IMO. Taking 6* against SRaulito is a death sentence unless you can heal quickly and control them well enough, Morgan barely does either and clearing bleed on three would not be enough, I think.

(Just to not be too complainy, while I had awful, awful luck on 5* tokens that year, I’ve done better on premier despite pulling much less often - got blue Magna first pull on the free SC trial, and yellow Shiva on a 10pull when I just wanted some 4* so I could buy Glenn from the depot…)

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Precisely, yet they hoard them like they are gold bars

The only one that I want is fast Glenn

Keep getting the same shit five stars

I use command glenn, gen 1 and use his bleed cleance tbh since i have a bleed resist mod on another toon (non s class) so sometimes I don’t start with bleed on some of my toons based on who i run with bleed resist. The team I run against Raulito lead with quite a bit of success has 3 6*. I find if you control the bleed it’s not bad, but thats just me personally :slight_smile: and nice on magna and shiva!

I use 6* Priya lead, Eric, Douglas, Magna, Bluechonne usually, my anti-SRaulito special. If Magna can stay alive until T3, the heal from Eric and Douglas brings the whole team back on their feet just before everyone dies. Depends on the build though, If Raulito is paired with Stevens/Command and Pete or similar, you’ll need Bluechonne to hit Disarm and ideally confuse on Stevens so you can Daze Raulito; if he gets to crosshairs Magna it can get hairy very quickly. SRaulito is simply the stupidest Sclass to take down with 6* only, so I keep trying until I find the right build/order of attacks when I find one and have the time.

since Raulito doesnt give hp or def to the team, i can turn 3 the team sometimes so no need to run a healer for me. I just daze or taunt turn 1 active skills. not running a disarm toon almost ever at the moment, most teams have a window. Do you have diego? Or cole? I find both of those toons helpful with some control and support


Don’t have Diego, but I’ll probably grab him from comics before the timer runs out. I’ve tried faster versions with def down, but I need an ATK/AP lead to rush everyone T3, and that means everyone on my team is dead if a single enemy stays alive after T3 (well, Magna might barely survive, but she doesn’t really do anything by herself). It can work sometimes, but is much more risky - with their huge def and HP, killing a few turn 3 works but all of them is difficult, esp. with Kapoor’s tenacity/evasion soaking up damage.

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Mhm Kapoor just takes damage like a tank- dazing him is important so he doesn’t use his heal active skill, but diego imo is one of if not the best lead toon.