5 star recruit had been wasted due to game rebooting / restarting

My 10,000 5 star recruit had been wasted due to system error. The game keeps reboots by itself. Then when I checked my 5 star recruit had been deducted already… I hope It can retrieve it for me

When this happened to me they told me I’d sold it in the supply depot :roll_eyes:

This happens to me a lot, and every single time the toon will be in my roster when I re-open the game.


Same, when then that happens I usually just go to level up one of my toons to confirm me getting it.

Much quicker than searching the entire roster

This happens a lot on my daily SC pull, usually because I need to run a roadmap or raid before I pull or it will almost always do it. I always forget though because I’ve usually just woken up. It usually shows the character then crashes, but on the times it doesn’t, support has always been very helpful in telling me what character I pulled.

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