5 star non accendables for war


Thanks for them nothing like spending real money and time for litterly no reward


Well back to 5* token days in a different mask I guess.

A weekend 8 region CRW 2nd place reward for 7 pulls is 7 bennys for 93% of players. What an incentive.

Just remember to keep paying hundreds of dollars for a chance at a characer that will let you better compete for these AWESOME, toally worth it, rewards… its so totally worth it… trust $coply!!!


Still better than the very small amount of 3 year tokens we got in past CRW.


It is weird … We spend to be better in war … Which is supposed to have better rewards… And we get this… Such a shame scopley… You almost had us fooled


But I got Roadie! And another red gov…yay…#sarcasm


Worth the 200k grind… I think not.


Above expectations


Would’ve been worth for me. I just want a Sawyer :tired_face:. But No I got Yellow Sandy and Green Dwight :worried:


Bruth my game crashed and i lost everything tokens and 5*s…


I got yellow ascendable beta from this wheel earlier today, so it’s not a total loss…


I am happy with what I got none of them are dupes


I got 2 yellow Sawyers and 1 green.


I got 7 non ascendable 5* dupes
And a 3rd alpha

Bad crw rewards for first place


I would take an Alpha every day. I don’t have her and she could be handy vs those Lydias team, although my power green team is able to take them off most of the time.


Better doesn’t make it motivating. Of 8 regions in my group, it averaged 20/ region even had one battle.


A faction mates did too


Got future ascendables Dwight so I can’t be mad.


I got one in the screens above…did 2 stages of the cauldron roadmaps for my last Halloween token pull…dupe future ascendable Dwight lololol.

Hope he goes from tough to all ranged or all teammates.