5 Star ascendable adrenaline rush

I just made my first ascension. Solange. I had her adrenaline rush maxxed out when I did. Now its back to 1. My question is: Would she have been able to have been ascended had her adrenaline rush not also been maxed out. And if she can be, then why even level an adrenaline rush before you ascend. Seems like a waste. Anyone know if you can ascend without maxing adrenaline rush?


Affirmative, you can ascend without maxing their rush

I kind of wished that we got some bonus like a trainer or a 25% carryover. It even makes non-trait persona trainers other than the universals & legendary persona, a waste to use in the long run.


Man, I have wasted so much on leveling the adrenaline rushes on like 10 chars. Thanks for the quick reply. Been wondering for the last 2 days and couldn’t find a topic on it.

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What makes you think that the level of adrenaline 5 * affects your ascension?

It depends why you are levelling your toon up. If you are levelling from scratch to six star and not using the toon on the way, ignore adrenaline rushes. Just get them tier 4 level 80 ASAP.

If you are newer to the game (which it sounds like you are), and using the toon as part of your team from day one (like if solange was your first revive or if you got your first recap/disarm), then levelling up adrenaline rushes was not wasted cos they would have helped you in your battles.

Also, if you had ever played around with the ascension building before trying to level up, you might have been able to work out that the only thing you needed is to get your toon to level 80. It won’t let you select your too. for ascending before you get to level 80. Always worth clicking on it to see what it has to say. What confused me when I started was whether your fodder needed to be maxed out too but as soon as I started clicking away I discovered that benedicts were good enough.


Is a good question. You need the toon maxed to ascend. He asked if rushes have to be maxed as well. Well, no, AR can be 1 and you can still ascend the toon. But I find the question proper.


Sounds like you may be new to the game, my suggestion is maybe go on you tube and search rts(road to survival videos) just a box, mama dead head, and trolly are few and watch some videos. @Mamadeadhead did quite a few videos on alot of basics that many people have questions about.
Maybe find a player in your faction/region to go to for help. Makes things so much easier.

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Hey! Not sure where you are, region/faction wise, but my faction actually has a sister faction to help grow and teach new players. If you are in my region, or can transfer I would love to have you join us! Like @Jlag said I do have videos (thank you for the tag) I will pm you the video series I have that might answer some questions you have. If you need more help or clarification don’t hesitate to ask! I’ll do my best to help you or find someone who can!

As long as you dont us adens on them its not really a loss. Just an annoyance to start the leveling process from scratch.

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I actually started a faction on day 1 to co lead with my son. Im fairly new. Been playing a few konths and am around level 54 qith an s5++ rating.

My next question is about raids. It seems like around the 48 hr mark til the raid week is done, something happens to the points and i drop fm rank 3 to like 18 in a matter of moments. What am i missing on that?

What exactly do you mean by ‘raid week’? Raids are a constant thing. Do you mean leagues stretches?

Are you asking about leagues? If so, then the points you gain reset weeky and depending on your placement you either move up, move down, or stay in the same tier(silver, gold, platinum, etc.) Your placement is dependent on trophies you earn through raids and war, so your rank within a certain strech is determined by how many trophies you have vs how many the others have.

I assume it’s league position you are referring to.
Some players hit much hader and do more at weekends, when things like war are on.
As such, they will shoot up the rankings.

If your talking about leagues theres a few things that could happen. A survival road tournament has 2 rankings basically your regions and your leagues. If you place lower in your league when the event is done you could move down or up quite a bit. Also as stated each week you are either promoted, stay the same, or get demoted.
If leagues ends when you are sleeping you may wake up to find yourself in a demotion zone due to not being active in your current league yet.

I guess its the league im talking about but i keep an eye on the timer. Ive been several thousand points ahead of the next person and the on day 5 i find myself drop about 10 ranks but ive gained 10,000 points at the same time. Its like the game itself reallocates points. It absolutely is not suddenly 10 players outplayed me. That could be the case once but not 3 weeks in a row and always on day 5. Theres just no way that i go from 5000 points ahead of the next person to 3000 below him as well as another 10 people.

Could it possibly be after an event ends? The placement is all over the place as players claim their rewards, the point totals don’t all sync up so all of a sudden some things change until it levels out. Without pictures of what’s going on it’s kind of hard to actually find a real issue with what you are seeing

No. The stretch is 7 days. This always happens with 48 hrs left. Im going to be taking notes this week. I dont see how i can be the only one noticing it. Its a huge change.

It could be after rewards come in fir midweek sr. Look at your league leaderboard during sr to see how youre faring vs other players in your league.

Gotta be other players who war a lot.

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It is because you get huge amounts of points from placing in the top10 in Survival road tournaments. if you aren’t doing as well as others it doesn’t matter where you are before the event. I don’t Raid at all and I’m normally platinum 2-4 because of this. next SRT look at the league rewards. Its not a bug.