5* skybound rick


Anyone else not got him yet?

Still no rick.. as of yet

Several people. Gonna be just like the Garrett from the Anniversary event!


So you’re saying everyone will eventually get him?


Well, you’d assume so. If Scopely gave away nothing there’d be one heckuva uproar, and people who complained about Garrett stopped complaining, most likely because they received him. Patience is a virtue :+1:



They sent me an automated message which explained nothing at all so at least that message makes more sense


Loved the “can’t discuss” part lol


I know right lmao


Clear as mud


Nope still nothing.


Where can I sign up there’s a link?


I got him 3 days ago, but I’m mostly retired lol. Not really good anyways, he’s still just a 5* anyways


Either way, people want him whether as fodder, collecting him, or want him because others have him.


Understood, a decent blue for sr is all I can really say though


No yet



oh what is his leader/special skill ? anyone know ?


Nothing yet.
That Rick has Command skill just like his 4* self.


Can they really not hurry up with sending them out?


Still ain’t got mine neither. Couple factionmates have tho.


Still nothing for me.