5* region only bring the game back to life

With all the regions out there Scopely needs to add an old school 5* region… The new 6* toone are obviously killing the game, and with region transfers here Scopely needs to add a region that just uses 5* again… Bring the game back to life.

this would be dumb from a marketing point if view. we bring all theese shining 6☆ but you can only use 5☆ versions…

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I love these rose colored glasses the end of 5* era was terrible between priya blue michonne and first turn teams…


I miss my 1t team…

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People only think it was amazing because they now own all those formerly great 5★. The roster of 5★ I own (most of which has been gained in the 6★ era) just sitting at T1 and T2 would have been up there with the best 18 months ago.

Newsflash, everyone has these former premier cards. They are now worthless. Move on

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You think we keep seeing the same teams now, this would be even worse

Fine with 5 stars but then you would have to take out command toons and armory so we don’t go back to round 1 teams 1 shoting everybody. yah idk the more I think about it not so good Andrea Meta again meh boring.

And how do you expect to get those premier 5*s? Right, by spending. And spending = powercreep.

Dumb idea

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