5* Recruits, pointless?


Is there any point to 5* toons atm.
Used to do a 40 pull every month with the excitement of getting Priya, Konrad etc… now that’s gone and I don’t see the point in spending for toons that are basically useless, or over priced offers for little to slim chance of making a profit or receiving a Lucille token for a lab coat.

Don’t know who does your marketing but they’ve fucked up and anyone who stills pulls for a ‘chance’ at an ascendable character when they’re in prestige and 5* tokens, well…

Bring in more ascendables, better events, better drop rates and stop being stingy AF. :money_with_wings:


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I thought so


They will never listen or hear our ideas, all they care about at the minute is cash grabbing.

This was proved by the ‘no ascendables in premier recruits’.

I’m hoping the new update brings some fun back into this game, I know a lot of people are hanging on just for this.


Don’t be upset about how things are going unless you can change that, you expressed yourself, this is your part of community-developers communication. Now it’s up to them and only them, chill friend, I know how frustrating this might be, but it might be some time before actions taken.


They keep pushing premier recruit promos for non-ascendable 5* that have half the stats of 6* so they get demolished. Meanwhile, they could be running promos for old characters gaining ascendance. I can’t imagine anyone but the mindless whales pulled for this blue michonne promo


:left_speech_bubble: Moments of complete apathy are the best for new creations. — Philip Breedveld


I’m chill, trust me, if I wasn’t the uppercase button would be mashed on my keyboard.

I’m just wanting to hear the opinion of others, how they are looking at this etc, we can only change this by working together as one voice just isn’t enough and we’ve all learnt that nobody listens anyway.

If anything they use what we want against us for money.


@discobot fortune will Scopley ever listen to their player base?


:crystal_ball: Yes definitely


Well if gator turns out to be AMAZING as a 6* then yeah 100% useful lol time will only tell…#Gator4Life :money_mouth_face::tada::gift::confetti_ball:


Yes, exactly!
I don’t see the point in buying these recruits at all with the way ascendancy is going.

They should have worked on the 5* toons we have ATM instead of bringing out new ascendables.

They might as well put shit in our hands and tell us to clap.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@discobot fortune will Scopley ever listen to their player base?

:crystal_ball: Yes definitely


:crystal_ball: Yes


Hahaha cool


We share the same emotions then, but I don’t think that forum is actually gonna help with this one in particular. This is more like they follow economically grounded selling strategy. While revenue and player base experience are balanced nothing ain’t gonna change. Sorry for my grammar or logical mistakes if there’s any, I’m quite bad both in English and deutsch haha damn my Russian not great at all too though :mask:


I just made another post about 5-stars in general, not just premiers. I got Romanov from lucille tokens and axe Tyreese from 5-star tokens. While they would have been awesome 6 months ago, I don’t have a need for them now. Currently leveling up my 3rd tier 3 6-star. I have 3 other ascendables but only 5 fodder toons, including those 2 new ones. Plus I have red Governor and Gator that are supposed to be ascendable soon.


That’s all they are good for just fodder, I’ve also got dual tyreese and a few others that were awesome, but have been totally bludgeoned by 6*.

I just can’t bring myself to buy pulls anymore knowing they are either going to the depot, or being used as food for another character.
Where is the sense in that? :pensive: