5* on the list made ascendable


It’s 2018 now And we have waited long enough we were told that they were going to start to release the 5* off the list they released months ago let’s see some of those toons off the 5* list made ascendable and very very soon please and thank you


They’ve released one so far


They’ve released rick, Joshua, and siddiq off the list. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of them get released.




Joshua and siddiq are both ascendable from 4*s. I do agree that they don’t have nearly enough out yet though.


I think Joshua is in 5 star tokens as well as ascendance from 4 stars, as someone else mentioned. They really do need to start doing some depot toons asap though. I don’t understand why it’s taking so long. If vk has the screen shots of them then they would all have to be ready one would think. So why not just release one a week or something to make your player base happy…


If you really think that the list of 12 will be totally released i have a bridge to sell you… there is no money in it for Scopely…

In fact list was supposed to be released by early 2018 (end of march)… i put the over under at 1 released by then, and im taking the under… nothing in Scopely’s track record points to something different…

And on apr 1 im out if they dont hold to this promise…



No someone else stated those words, she only responded she would think so.


still waiting on more ascendables…

Until we see ascendable 5 stars as top prizes this game is gonna be really dead for me.

Back in the days tournaments were pretty intense.

Especially anything solo had arguably the best prizes around.
Now it’s just 100% repeat prizes, consumables too.

All gear, trainers, tokens…

New ascendables so average being sold as premiums when Wars have lost their value to the core.

Wars used to be so valuable and prestigious that
playing 2 regions was worth while just to get some more War Action + Prizes.


I tell you, asides from crafting Weapons, this game has totally lost its flavor for me.
And I really hope things get back to a nice balance between promos and available content.

I don’t mind people have an edge on me because they got promo 6 stars.
But I am bothered at how everyone got bottle necked into the same 6 stars.
And how redundant and repetitive all the tournaments and wars have become.

What makes it worse is that this loss of interest reaches almost all players.
And now, since this new format, many of my faction mates have decided to retire.
Many of my opponents also retire and surely more in the near future.

I find it hard to understand how they decided to change everything so drastically
and make it almost unplayable.

I tell you, without the Armory i’d be braindead bored.
Without my faction loyalty and basically commitment to the team.
I’d have almost no reason behind being motivated to keep playing.

Basically if my team falls apart That will be the first step out the door for me.
RIP 2017, RIP 5 stars.
RIP twdrts

Rip Faction Mates who Retired.


Only way these dips are gonna save the game is to start dropping 2 6* versions of common toons every week, give everyone new teams to work with, encouraging spending


Lol, not gonna happen, we will sooner see 5* weapons in premiere and 100$ offers, cause this game should go full R. Also we got joshua, that is enough for next 3 months, other stuff will be in pulls cause new hats.


Dwight too


Nah, the Dwight on the list, was the one we could earn. Green and og blue Dwights not in the works, unfortunately.

So they have dropped 4 of the listed toons thus far. Granted only two were legacy.




I’d love for that one too pop, because id buy him. I need him for several museum collections


You said the magic word, add how much and scopely will make wish come true :sparkles:


Rumor is, he’s coming to the depot in coming months. I’m maintaining a depot points stash just in case.


The Dwight on the list has no title, the one we earned for free was “a new threat”, green Dwight is “all out war”. It’s the OG blue Dwight that’s on the list.


:musical_note: Right right right right :musical_note:


Dude ur wrong and where did u come up with this info with they dropped toons from the list from ??