5 New "Rise to Power" Ascendables



Yeah I can’t tell if these are real or not, hopefully are

@Mamadeadhead these real?

If not scopley send this lady a check, them designs are good


the suspense is killing me


another weapon with reprisal on it off the bat? :-1:
Other than that they most all look good. Which means they will most def be all premier toons


I would guess it wouldn’t be in off-topic if they were real. Nice though. Rick and Aris have some aesthetic appeal going for them.


Lol in no way shape or form am I talented enough to make anything like this :joy: but thank you for thinking that. These are future in game characters lol


Thanks couldn’t find Laura. Does she ascend from the old one?


Oh… I’m intrigued.


No, hold on, let me see if I can get the 5 stars up


First melee 6 star revive lul


How bout Bruce and disarm specialist!!


Eh? You mean first melee 6*revive?


Please make some of them free2play like a collection in the museum. 1-1/2 month would be rlly cool!



Yes lol haha


I’m just missing Dante and Laura now. I deperatly want Dante



Fuck. Wrong Laura ;(


Somebody just commented this on the video! I didn’t even notice myself


Faction mate pointed out Aris doesn’t have a symbol on her weapon. Does this mean it can be changed? :thinking: