5* Green GLENN bug or not

Hi has anyone ever got a ductape or polish kit when using glenn i have used him as a lead on every road map since i pulled him 6 months ago i always get the same items from his rewards @kalishane can you look into this please

Havent gotten the big rewards but i get lots of various items from him. Including the tokens

Have seen faction mates manage one.

I’ve had him for 3 months and nothing yet

@kalishane any input would be great

I have never seen a crate but seen a few odd parts. Overall does not amount to a hill of beans.

In the last road map I got a weapons part crate without him in my team but it was a blue bag instead. It was odd.

Never gotten anything useful from it, not sure it even works to be honest

I did get etching acid ONCE. I’ve used him for months, during the August anniversary crazy roadmap farmings and pretty much nada but junk. The best are the weapon tokens and those I rarely get more than 20.


Looks like we wont get a straight answer from anyone if he really works @kalishane could you say anything on this matter or at least acknowledge this will be looked into

They’re in there.

Rare, but in there.

Any Mystery Bag/Crate pulls its displayed possibilities straight from their associated drop table in the code, so its not possible for it to show in the UI there without having some level of possibility.


Thanks @Agrajag someone with a straight answer