5* gear map missing

I believe this is the 3rd muck up this week alone & its only tuesday. I would like to run this map so I can get gear that you guys keep bottlenecking or sale it like its made at Tiffany’s.


You missed milkman gate. Instead of gear it was orange and red quills and gold arrows



I missed it. Hope Scopely give us a compensation… Nah, not gonna happen.

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:joy::joy: stupid people don’t know how to stfu


dang you missed it.

No compensation Gov got enough of what he wanted then went to JB about it to get it taken down. So in scopes eyes it’s “working as intended”


Things like this give me a ton of confidence in the new armory update.

I’m sure it will work great!


Why would @Gov say this then if he was the one responsible?

Its already been taken off. Might as well let everyone know what they’ve missed out on

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U all missed it, this is a semi troll post

Naw I got my milkman.

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Me too. I am saying this thread i made is semi trolling.

I can’t wait for the armory update.

Continue with it. Let everyone who missed him rise up against scopely hehe.

Shame it wasnt coins we got…

Why don’t you ask Gov what he told JB in the leader chat way before any of this was on the forums there killa k, he is the original to tip it off to scopely employees

Doesn’t really matter cause if you did cash in on it I heard that Scopely is taking it all back.

Oh. Must have been more than 250 people who benefited. :thinking:

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Just like the toons they took back from the the screw up? good one.

I can believe it.

If they do take it back hopefully they will show a little consistency and just take back the bags still in people’s inventory. That’s basically what they did with the Halloween token screw up. People should be able to keep what they got just like the Halloween people did.

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