5* dylan how to obtain

I have 1 5* Dylan in my roster but in museaum only a sclass is available there is no 5* how to obtain the other 5*?

You can’t unless they add a collection for him

We need to do some pressure to make Scopely return the collection of 5* Dylan.

So u can legit get him from 4* ascendancy?

He’s available in ascendance? That kinda changes things for me atleast

I’m not so sure now :grimacing:

When I checked the museum under “where to find” it says ascendance but I now realise that is the 6* so it probably means ascending from the 5 star version not that he’s in the ascendance pool. Sorry, my mistake.

What was the point of even putting his cards in leagues’ store?

Because even, if you were lucky enough already have the 2 Dylans 2500 cards is still well short of the mark to s-class him. I also have no doubt after this season scoples will once again forget about him and not provide any way to earn more for free. So what was the point of putting his cards in the store at all if we can’t purchase enough to s-class him? Will his cards be added to the daily and torch roadmaps?

Why is there no way to claim the 5-star version from the museum? If you were going to offer his cards don’t you think you should have also added him into the museum for those who either have one or zero of him?

Bravo, scoples you’ve done it again. Slow :clap:


Same thing I was thinking glad I looked before I bought if I can’t get sclass no sense in buying them
But I’m sure they will add the museaum collection 8 months down the road

Can we please get an option added for people that missed out getting 2 of his 5* in the original event.
Right now it’s frustrating to players that could be working towards the S class, or possibly getting it with an option of 5* Dylan through museum or black market.

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They’re aware. No need for pitchforks.

And, there’s no reason why he has to be a museum collection. He could be a black market trade-in. He could be a roadmap reward. He could show up in a mission reward. He could get sent out as a free gift.


From what we have been condition to expect, most S class toons are represented in the museum bar a few which are toons that you lvl up via a special item, not cards. So it’s not unreasonable for a suggestion to be made for Dylan to be in a museum collection.

Customers have no knowledge or have been advised by an employee of Scopely regarding this issues, so as to date, again, it’s not unreasonable for customers to question this oversight.

Has nothing to do with pitchforks and I hope more productive and constructive comments lead on from this thread.


I never said it was unreasonable, but @Jacky said you can’t collect him unless they add him to the museum, and that’s not true. He could be added in many different ways.

And when @Walishow claims ‘We need to do some pressure’, that’s where the grabbing pitchforks metaphor fits in. We don’t have to pressure, we can just inquire.

One thing that makes this community great is the way we disseminate information. Nobody is 100% up to date on everything every other player knows or has heard, so it’s great when we share this information. It frees up developer time for more important things when they don’t have to answer the same questions multiple times a day.

Juat looked at dylan… can anyone confirm either way if he’s useful for tower / territory speed clearing? His weapon as a regular 6* sounds like he could be but I’m not keen to level up and ascend them if not.

I’ve not advised that you said it wasn’t. To a layperson objectively with what we have been conditioned it wouldn’t be unreasonable, especially when it comes to the collection of cards as most collection if a customer has to collect a card has a supporting museum collection so customer have a visual of what they have collected and how many more cards they have to collect. It’s not about your subjective point of view, it’s about a lay person’s objective view.

If Scopely are short staffed to provide the vital and important role of customer services then they should employ more staff to ensure that a professional Scopely employee who is trained to converse with customers and who has accountability if they step out of bounds delivers information. And provide them with the tools so that any information that is then relayed has a visible source from the company they work for, and not conjecture from a customer and we’re sources can’t be verified until an official employee of Scopely confirms or denys any information given.

Customers are important.

It is standard practice for a company to have such a roles available, usually it would fall under customers services and CMs because it’s in there best interest to ensure customers are provided with relevant and up to date information, with visible sources. It’s a business to customer relationship which is standard in any business and which alot of business, because the care about their customers, aren’t lazy, are ethical and responsible and have respect for their customers. But also understand that having that b2c relationship and it being healthy and direct with customers will improve retention and their revenue.

If Scopely does not know how to preform and actually take care of their own customers then there are alot of consulting companies who would be more than happy to point them into the right direction so they can reclaim the ownership of the customer services and including communications and treating customers with the respect that they deserve.

This is exactly why I answered what I did. I want players to expand their point of view to consider additional possibilities. We don’t actually need a museum collection. What we need is a way to get 5* Dylan.

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I would be careful in suggesting what customers should or shouldn’t do because I’ve been called out for doing it myself and dogpiled.

Is not down to customers to expand their views. It’s down to scopely to ensure that they provide ways to redeem S class cards for a 5* 6* or S class toon. The burden of expanding views or prospective is up to Scopely as they control their own product.

This is a Scopely failing. For me I don’t look to a customer and lay responsibilities on them. I look to the company and expect the company to directly communicate with their customers about this failing and to provide solutions for their customers.

It’s not that hard to do and benefits the company in the long run as well as highlights any processes that need to be rethinked, e.g. making sure when you release items, that there is a way for Scopely customers to redeem them.

Delegation is important. If 90% of the questions that come in can be answered by a low-paid employee, then you have the low-paid employee handle 90% of the questions and have the higher paid employee get involved only when cases need to be escalated. This tiered support model has worked for a very long time. Yes, you’ll get some customers who demand to speak only to a manager, but overall, it makes sense to have the easy day-to-day tasks handled by the lower paid staff and have them escalate the situations when appropriate.

I don’t see utilizing volunteers as an organizational failing. I see it as a wise way to manage limited resources.

Where are the low paid staff assisting with customers questions on forums or creating polls, engaging in topics they have proactively bought up to the community? I don’t see it. Where are these low paid staff who are providing official information and updates on Dylan for example or the 1 million food inventory issue to customers?

These is nothing wrong with customers relaying source information from Scopely where their is a visual to back it up. E.g. a customer questions something that has already been addressed by a Scopely employee and they just relay that information with source to advise. That’s being helpful. Giving advice it’s fine.

When a company relinquishes their responsibility to their customers that they get revenue or participation on their product, that’s were the danger lies.

You lose touch with your customers, whatever language or however they communicate, it’s important for Scopely as a company to maintain, nurture and foster that relationship because they are responsible.

It’s important that employees of Scopely are actually actively proactively and primarily engaging customers. They have Scope, accountability, training, access to source data and resources that’s needed and they are employed.

It also shows to the customer that they care and respect their customers and invest in their customers as the customer improves their products and services via feedback, highlighting issues etc which in turn increases revenue and retention. Any company will tell you how important it is to KYC and to directly interact with them.

Scopely are a billion dollars business. I’ve worked for companies with many arms under a billion and never seen a company not proactively, actively and primarily engage with their customers. There are ways if they are short staffed to manage with efficency and quality. Setting customers expectations. You implement processes.

But to have customers responsible for the entire community feedback for a billion dollar company and soliciting customer feedback as a customer or providing information with no relatable source back to the company is unwise territory and very irresponsible and I say that as a professional in the field for over 20 years

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He could be but right now he’s definitely not available from any of those things. :wink:

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Scopely sucks at communication, yeah got it

And lol @ “we can just inquire” XD thanks i needed that

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