5 day cooldown for T5 Faction Assault?



So my faction just finished the T5 Faction Assault this morning. To only a slight surprise, the rewards were trash. People were getting alpenstocks, briefcases, Basils, etc… Okay, no big deal because thanks to the Tournament Road, we have a bunch of tickets to run it again … only wait, we have to WAIT 5 DAYS until we can run it again? I mean we have the option to run a T4 assault, for even worse rewards, but why waste tickets doing that?

Something needs to be adjusted here. Either lower/remove the cooldown, or improve the rewards so when we are not stuck getting a small chance of Tara earrings every 7ish days.


Doesn’t it take more than 5 days to get the tickets to run it again anyway? lol


I think factions are seeing this because of the influx of gifted tickets and initial lump sum of tickets, my faction has about 500k+ tickets and we will have to spread out the assaults too through out the week. This is ok for us though because it is Thanksgiving weekend and a lot of people are with family.

I think in the future, the cooldown will be less of an issue when we get back to regular daily ticket gain. Also we want time to strategize and regroup.


Okay, that’s fair. But what’s the point of the 5 day cooldown if the time it takes to get the tickets is a “built-in” cooldown?


Maybe it’s to stop hackers from loading up their accounts with assault tickets and running tier 5 assaults end to end?


You’re not going to get 165 thousand tickets gifted to you every week. After you run S3 again, you won’t have enough tickets to do it right away anyway.


Took you long enough.