5* character and 4* weapon offer


Are u guys serious Scopely? U give us a terrible update to the 5* wheel and not even an update to the weapon wheel and u expect people to spend coins on this? Players didn’t even spend the tokens they had saved because the updates we’re so terrible. Give me a break


Totally the 5* wheel is actually miles worse than it was before :man_shrugging:t3:

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Want to know a 100% foolproof method of ensuring offers like this never come back?

Just don’t buy it. Simples

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They just won’t stop on 4* weapon tokens on like everything now even if they update it there not going to add stun weapons or impair weapons or any other top special weapons they will just found some kind of crap weapons to add

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Have you considered crying about it?


Not really I’m used to pulling crap now. That’s why I don’t waste my time most of the time


If only it was this simple. They’ve already taken money from whales as soon as they put it up.


:whale: Paradox. Keeping the game alive while simultaneously killing it at the same time.

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It is actually that simple.

But if people are buying it then, in their eyes, the offer has value unlike what OP suggests. Although I don’t think many these whales are buying offers with 5★ tokens…


yup its bad but from last 10 pull i got Duane, Donny and dupe Lori. I only need a Romanow from it.


Trust me, if there’s an offer, people are buying. Simple as that. If it wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t see the same bad offers again.

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