5 cents about Onslaught


Onslaught is actually an event some people hate and some people love. One of the main reasons from the haters are, there isnt a reward or milestone system behind. And some who like it wonder why it is such a rare event.

Why is Onlaught an event? (Begin and End) Better make it usable all day, with some limitations, like energy-fills or just 3 Onslaughts per faction on a day. Just for the league points or for hunting mods.


  • No need of Milestones or Eventrewards
  • Participation whenever you want.
  • No need of: “Find a place for Onslaught” at the Eventcalendar.


  • Only 3 fights a day means the “search for an enemy faction” -timer could be long.

What are your thoughts, or better ideas?


Sounds like you are taking the best thing about it (play when you want) and take it away.


No milestones or rewards is a con.


They sure do need to add that besides that I don’t mind onslaught I dont need to wait on 6 or 8 to sign up


3 fights/day? Do you mean…?
1 fight = faction vs faction
1 fight = attacking an oppenent in a faction?


I wrote “No need” of Milestones and rewards. Both are from the Event-system, if it is a daily, there is no need. Or did someone get Milestones from Raiding or Streetmap?

1 fight = faction vs faction

This one, but it isnt well conceived.


I god damn huge one in my opinion as I have nothing to participate for and the faction rewards arn’t great either


I find onslaught to be boring, unexciting, and uninspiring. I know people get gold mods from it ( I haven’t yet). Just a raid or war tourney with no rewards. Just don’t get the here let’s fight for, what, a possibility at a gold mods. Just don’t care for onslaught. I do the bare minimum or nothing at all. :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Im between, dont hate or love it, it needs improvements, some things like milestones and rewards, should be able to do more fights as the searching seems to take a long time, the cost of energy refills is just plain stupid and no one is going to spend at that cost for no rewards, imo the i can attack after dead is silly and needs to be changed

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