5* being exhausted in arenas

Now that is the dumbest shittiest amateur work I’ve seen so far in this game, I mean come on we’re on the S-class Era, now we need a whole roaster of maxed 5*. Who’s going to waste gear, food, trainers on 5*, come on that’s a really careless decent work that the team didn’t thought about, either do something properly or don’t do it at all


I placed #37 despite spending 7 tickets :tickets:, I’m in platinum 3 that made me go from being #2 to #20 sighs now I need ages to climb again

How much time you was playing the game? Are you a veteran or something? At this point of the game, having a maxed 5* wouldn’t be a problem for long time players, but for newcomers I agree this can be a issue.


The whole idea of wearing out toons in endurance arenas is horrible imo. Absolutely hate it.

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Dude, do u even think b4 u say something? Having maxed 5* can be a problem for old players too because they used them on ascendance, maybe u r one of he few that keep them

How many toons do you need? You sound as if you needed 100 5 stars. Most players actually do have maxed 5 stars because, unlike you, they kept them in case they became ascendable (we’re talking about the players that have been playing the game for a longer time than a year). If you can’t compete in endurance mode because you’re short of toons, keep your tickets and use them in another arena, is it really that hard?


I use 5* to get points in level ups. Have about 30 maxed in my roster.

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You know you can spend 10 tickets at once and get only 2 toons worn out, right? Stop crying. Unless you’re trolling, then you’re a terrible troll. You won’t place high if you don’t have enough resources. Period. Get good and stop complaining.


Either be respectful or gtfo, I know ur doing that on purpose, acting like u don’t understand

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How about we just calm down here…

I agree. I have used very few 5* to ascend and definitely don’t depot them because we were promised that they would all eventually become 6*s and I am holding my breath!

As soon as I do use a 5* I know that the ascendable will hit.

I have several dozen ascendables that remain 5* because it isn’t worth the precious medals to promote them. I haven’t counted the others, but I’d imagine that I have at least 30 fully levelled 5* toons. The only real issue is finding teams that actually work.

Yeah, you should get enough five stars out of basic tokens. Or the years I’ve acquired quite a few. I keep using the decent ones I pull for level up points and sometimes if I don’t have more than two they go to the depot. It’s very easy to get five Stars and if you grind at all you shouldn’t have any problem getting the gear to level them up. I love the old-school arena and hope it never changes.

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I’ve built a couple of half decent 5 star teams for arena. It’s not all that hard to do.

Y don’t u read carefully b4 responding dude, the subject is not about lack of 5* but is about not being maxed to use properly, I don’t use gears on them, y this is so ■■■■■■■ hard to understand and everything is being said and it was damn clear, am I writing in Greek without knowing?

How about you gtfo? Keep using 1 ticket by one and keep crying because you have no toons to use. You have no gear? Grind for it. Really, your topic is pointless, and so is your trolling

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So let me understand you, this is what you said:

  • You are purposely trying to do well in the 5* endurance arena event.
  • You purposely sold your 5*.
  • You are refusing to level 5*.
  • You purposely use 1 ticket at a time instead of a block of tickets.
  • You understand the rules of endurance mode.
  • You believe this is Scopely’s fault.

Seems to me you’re just posting to have somebody to fight with. If you don’t want the headache of using all your five stars them change the way you do things. If you don’t want people’s opinion don’t post in the forums.

Dude who doesn’t already have maxed out 5* already? And quite a few. Not trying to be rude but how long you been playing? And pro tip: never sell your 5*. They will be relevant soon. Even the crappiest. Lol. If you use 4 or 10 tickets you can use less teams. Have you tried that ? Other then that Idk what you can do. If you one ticket at a time your going to burn through 5* . if you haven’t been playing that long or toss 5* aside its probably a good idea to make 2-3 teams of 5* and amp them up.