5* Ascendable Maggie


So since we’re getting a free 5* Ascendable Maggie, what weapon set up people will people go with, once she’s 6*'ed?


Absolute defense pick with high defense of course. Probably will be 4th or 5th in line for my projected ascensions though. If ever, to be honest. But free is free.


Please give us another option next time a lot have these characters already just got boned with Vincent and now Maggie


Don’t 6 her, yellow are garbage :sob:


Is she the only fast/yellow revive?


I will only use her as food


I hadn’t noticed that she loses the revive with ascension. That will make her a lot like Siddiq-losing his blue crit for those SR walker levels is a bigger loss than any gain from his 6 star status.


I like her as a 5star not as a 6 star


She hits perfect on my new Carl team, I have yellow Negan, Wyatt, Yumiko and Abe, I’m replacing Abe and Yumiko with Maggie and Barker.


6* siddiq is great you must be brand new if you struggle with walkers.


Not as good as you think attack power is low


You mean Shane?


Try those Survival Road Legendary all blue with trait requirements. I have stalled out at about #330, so not one of the stronger players, but Siddiq really helps on those “fight walkers with both hands and one leg tied behind your back” levels.


That’s global ranks #330, LEGENDARY 133…