5 ascendable characters from 5 five stars pulls

I don’t know what happened but just got fifth ascendable toon In a row from 5 star wheel. ALPHA, RICHARD, ARIS, MORGAN and AIKO few mins ago. Someone have this same issue lol.

great you point it out so they can fix it asap… (if if wasnt just extreme luck that is)

I just pulled and got a non accendable Glenn so no

I swear Scopely bots post this kind of thing regularly to see if they get a spike in buys.

I bet they do.


Well to bad most of them suck. :man_shrugging:


I just did a single pull and got all the toons and they came with the best mods preloaded too! :smirk:


Ouchie I want carl from the pull token museum

Lucky you. I did 5 singles and got them without mods :wink:

Not believing it.

believe or not it’s a true i used Richard like a fodder yesterday to ascend my second blue Carl

You mean this bad boy? :smirk: only 3 USD from RTS Tokens

Yup I got 2 from rts tokens from 10 pull. One maxed and second t3. Need 2 fkn magazine bandoliers lol

Never fear the ring faction assault " event" is here! !! Your in luck I bet you will definitely get all the gear you need…:joy::joy::rofl:

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