5* and 6* Yumiko bugged


I have noticed it on more than one account that the blue Yumiko ascendable (both 5* and 6*) have their traits bugged. Sometimes Yumiko gets hit harder by Alerts, sometimes she deals tough damage, sometimes she hits with fast damage. Note: this is NOT with the Stronger attack on her weapon.
Any idea what is going on?
Has been like this for like a month.

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Want to show pictures of her weapon?


that happen because of her weapon, even if you dont believe it


How do you explain her being super damaged by alert toons?


Did those alert toons have attack vs tough mods?


alert toon can have that kind of special in their weapon too


I’ve checked all the weapons afterwards and none of them have had that game. I’ve been playing the app since December 18th 2015, so I know how the weapons work.


What about mods?


It’s bug in strong trait weapon jus ignore it scoply will notice that in next 6 month will fix it in 6 month


Hope they do, it’s getting annoying being unsure what trait she’ll be weak to.


To those asking for proof of a bug, here you are:


And Carl has DUANE’S GLOCK so he DOESN’T have effective attack. Now can Scopely do something yet?


What about mods?


Mods don’t give supereffective attacks, just boost attack stat when attacking those toons.


Plus, this ONLY happens with Yumiko, there is no way this should happen.


Blue get hit with the same strength by green, red, and blues.

There is no defense bonus for having trait advantage. It is only one way, to the attacking toon.

I don’t see anything here that’s overwhelming proof but whatevs.


Show the actual weapon and mods.

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I’m actually trying to reproduce and can’t create this on my game.

You could be more chill about it all. Everyone’s skeptical. Such is human nature.

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I’m sorry to everyone I got angry at, I am very hot headed but should not have gotten so offended.