5★ / 6★ - "Winter Edition" Lineup [New Characters]

We’re getting close to the holidays and we wanted to give you a sneak peak in what’s to come!

Let the jingles commence!

5★ “Winter Edition” Shiva Tier 1

5★ “Winter Edition” Shiva Maxed!

6★ “Winter Edition” Shiva Tier 1

6★ “Winter Edition” Shiva Maxed!

5★ “Winter Edition” Jesus Tier 1

5★ “Winter Edition” Jesus Maxed!

6★ “Winter Edition” Jesus Tier 1

6★ “Winter Edition” Jesus Maxed

5★ “Winter Edition” Ezekiel Tier 1


5★ “Winter Edition” Ezekiel Maxed!

6★ “Winter Edition” Ezekiel Tier 1

6★ “Winter Edition” Ezekiel Maxed!

5★ “Winter Edition” Richard Tier 1

5★ “Winter Edition” Richard Maxed!

6★ “Winter Edition” Richard Tier 1

6★ “Winter Edition” Richard Maxed!

5★ “Winter Edition” Michonne Tier 1

5★ “Winter Edition” Michonne Maxed!

6★ “Winter Edition” Michonne Tier 1

6★ “Winter Edition” Michonne Maxed!

Leave all feedback and thoughts below!

Thank you everyone!

*all stats are subject to change before character is available.


Glad you wasted your time not listening to the players. Looking forward to the coal Scopely gets for all the trash they keep putting out.


which one will be the f2p toon? Gotta be Zeke or Richard right?

I have no idea.

Just got the info in a pack going live tomorrow.

Getting ahead of VK


that Shiva is going to be a fucking nightmare behind a Carl lead! Damn!


The initial 6 stars that have been released used to have pretty different specialist skill and AR compared to their 5 stars counter-parts… Now, it just seems like 6 stars have very similar AR/specialist skill with little to no change. Not too sure how I feel about it… That’s just from observing based on the Winter 6 stars released so far.


IMO Shiva will be no better than yellow negan. I think Shiva is terrible, maim damage is the worst trait ever. And she looks absolutely ridiculous :joy::joy::joy::joy:


so your money didn’t go towards your family last year? lmao


I said all I wanted for Christmas was Shiva with a Santa hat and here she is I want her :sob:


I actually noticed that too. Also Shiva and Michonne appear to have the exact same stats here…talk about original :joy:


@kalishane any chance you can show us what the Shiva has on her claws? :grin:


Can you please let us know when the older characters will be ascendable. It is really depressing to see you guys so focused on draining our wallets and not focusing on making the 5* that we already drained our wallet on ascendable.


I am going to hope these characters are for an event. If they are all promos then I am starting to lose faith since the time would be better spent 6*’ing my Gator.


How about you let last year’s holiday toons you made worthless ascendable instead of a Christmas money grab?

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i’m curious too. Since it says reprisal the special slot will be reflect damage but I wonder what the top 2 slots are

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Thank you Very much for the info! Kalishane, I think that I and EVERYONE would love to Jesus has his boot as unique weapon. It would be so cool to put absolute defense, Huge ap gain and 30% attack and still rocking with The animation! Pretty pleeeease!


Honestly these look like event toons and not promo toons. Either that or promo toons are going the way war prizes went.

I can see that putting some thought into the Christmas event happened. Hopefully it goes smooth.

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They look dumb and ridiculous. Use your time to create 6* toons for war rewards and you will not be “low on 6* toons” instead of working on money grab


If you’re using your kids piggy banks or money from your kids Christmas fund to buy toons, that’s not Scopleys fault, it’s your own :joy: learn to say no.


I understand that people are mad with Scopely. But c’mon. What theme characters has to do with It? If we cannot have anyone of them for Free ok. But If not, chill out

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