4th slot def buff

Hi. Sorry if this has been asked before, tried searching but it’s not very good.
Question is should the 10% def buff 4th slot special stack? I’ve got it on two weapons now and it only shows 10% def. Surely it should stack like the att/crit special.

No these do not stack since they are turn based. Actually have a video in the making about this

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However, to follow on from Links point, the craft that gives 10% def to all for each red on the team is applied in the team build section, not in the raid itself, so that would ‘stack’ with one of the weapons that you have shown (I dont think 2 of these crafts stack though). The reason that 15/35s stack is because they are in the team build stage. Anything that is applied in-raid (such as the two you have screenshotted) will not stack.

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OK thanks guys. Makes sense but a bit annoying. Guess I’ll try for a different special on the red weapon.

the 10% per red is applied in the match (alert def 10% defence per alert toon on the team excluding the holder). It isn’t applied in the team build section - going to showcase this in my video on it tbh.

Since it is applied in the raid and not beforehand like team player 4 with 15/35*

Really? Thats really odd since the wording is more like the wording for those applied in team build not in match. Very surprised at that. Thanks for letting us know Link.

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Shouldn’t they change it so it does stack then? Seems unbalanced that the att buff does stack but def doesn’t.

maybe so but if you watch in matches it is applied in the match and does not get added in the ‘draft’ screen when applying weapons and stuff

since it’s applied in the match it won’t stack, but team player 4 is the ‘exception to the rule’. Sorry I don’t know why I just report what I find tbh

Both of those weapons are amazing. Really reminds me how bad my craft game is.

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