4th Anniversary Event

Seriously the Sergio toon needs revamping he is not good enough to grind for. Also please put better rewards up for this event it’s ridiculous as an anniversary event. Why is it much worse than last year. More care and thought required in everything you do from now on please.


He’s not a premier toon, no buffing for him lol

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We heard our players were unhappy with the state of Sergio. He will now have a 100% chance to do 150% damage to a single enemy. His active will Remove Stun from 3 enemies and heal all his allies for 2% of 2* Gabriel’s max HP.

He will also be given a special new trait skill, “Mammoth Disappointment” - When Sergio is killed in battle he will instantly do 10% damage to all enemies and apply stun to all of his teammates for 27 turns.

We feel this puts him on par with recent Legacy Ascendables and just know you’ll love using him in your roster. We’re also reducing is health to 1200, attack to 257 and his Defense to -17.

Meanwhile; as a further means o expertly balance the game the recently released Jessica will be buffed. She will have a base HP of 7545, attack of 4765 and Defense of 150,000,000.000. We feel this will create a more enjoyable playing environment for our F2P scum… I mean players.

Her rush will now apply 500% Defense Up for 5 turns along with Defense Block for the battle and will heal all of her teammates for 250% of their Max HP over 5 turns.

Her active skill shall be replaced by a new one.
Decimation; Whenever Jessica lands the killing blow on an enemy combatant she will apply the ‘Shaken’ status. This status will decimate the enemy and remove them permanently from a players roster. This includes S-Class goons and will replace them with a random 1* survivor. We feel this will create an even playing environment for F2P who spend months grinding for their toons. What’s more fun than that grind? Instantly losing them with no control over it.

All wheels will be adjusted and will only give out 2* and 3* survivors to maximise player fun and 5/6* shall no longer be attainable unless purchased from the Premier store at a flat rate of £/$50 per pull with a 0.8% chance of a 5*. 0.19% chance at a Generation 1 Legacy or Vincent and a 0.01% chance at a Generation 1 6* that’s absolutely useless. There will be a 0.00005% chance of something good.

Keep on surviving!


That’s pretty funny.

Very funny.I couldn’t stop laughing so didn’t read the whole thing.

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