49 queens 151 jacks?

After the black market update - 20 queen blowtorch-
I am definitely sure about u decrease queen dropping ratio and im reaaalllly sure about u delete 20 queen drop. This is very bad move and after i reached 49, i used 30 world refills ( USED MY MAGAZINES FOR THAT RIDICULOUS DROP ROAD- 35 MAGAZINES AND BOUGHT 1 OFFER OF WORLD REFILLS) and after all things i made all that effort all that money and refills, i couldnt get that last queen. As everyone can see i have 151 jacks , and never played jack road lol always played queen road because jack drop rate is 10x more then queens, in this event i used 200 total world refills but couldnt get that last one and im so angry and upset about this game. Im playing this for 3 years but im really thinking about quitting . Its not worth for my all efforts.


@WalkerTexasRanger @TayTron please give a option to exchange jacks to queens

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And Kings still have a tonne of those

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Yea I’ve used my kings for every exchange and still had almost 400 left and cant trade them for anything else but was short queens and Jack’s for another royal flush

Throughout the entire event, drops for queens were always less than Carl drops for me.

Eg: Carl drops ranged from 1-20, although I’ve gotten 20 multiple times in a row. Michonne drops ranged from 1-5, mostly getting ones.

So I ended up farming Carls with world energy and using Deck of cards on Michonne only.

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I barely had any queens or Jack’s drop for me in any rm

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I quit after i got lilly wasnt worth the frustration in my opinion


I’m in a similar situation as you, I only need 26 more queens and ill have enough to get lillys asaailt rifle. Had I known Scopely wouldn’t reset the 24 hr timer on decks roadmap, i would’ve used cans to attempt to obtain the remaining 26 queens i need to claim another royale flush. With the amount of money Scopely makes you think they’d atleast let players known in-game that the roadmaps weren’t going to be available in the last 24 hrs of the event.

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This was adressed on the event page posted in game and on discord shop and collection are usually open 24 hours after the initial event ends, but not everyone uses discord so I feel like they under use their forum now. :yum::blush: but hey thats just a theory…

Ending time was announced on the blog, which is available in-game through the announcements button.

  • End Date: 7/13/20 12:00PM PT

I think that’s as close to an in-game announcement as we’ll get for now.

Topic: I think I had relatively balanced drops. I think I ran one of the maps a few extra times, but mostly both.

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One more roadmap would have been great… But whatever… We should be used to having to pay for the remainder of collections by now.

Yeah, and two more would also have been great, four even etc… It was possible to get six flushes at least without spending, maybe seven if you did really well and farmed a bit extra. I don’t think we can fault them here.

But it’s a bit misleading to have a big ol deck offer and decks everywhere… When the roadmap isn’t there.

I can fault them there… Hey here’s some decks for the roadmap… Wait… Nope no roadmap

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True, they should stop that. 100% in agreement. I’d hope if you buy them you’d get a refund.

Ya wont get a refund from scopely if you end up not realizing the rm isnt there anymore and getting any decks in any offer

Not good enough tho especially with the multiple events and missions, the lenght of the event etc. Would be good as I’ve mentioned elsewhere to change the name of roadmap which I’ve seen them do prior to last chance x, or just a in game msg to remind ppl it’s the last chance to get items from x roadmaps

You could also look at the event calendar which is in-game and takes the same number of clicks as getting to your inbox messages:

  • House of Cards (Monday 6/15/20 12:00 PM PDT – Monday 7/13/20 12:00 PM PDT)

I don’t think this is too much to ask, especially with the amount of new events they run now. Having an inbox message for all of them would be a bit much.

Yeah I feel your frustration…after getting short 1 queen from letting you claim your 9th royal…yeah you should quit!!

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