48hrs no scavenger presitige mission


Since Tuesday I haven’t been able to get the prestige scavenger mission YGL. I aborted a couple missions to the point where there were no missions available, didn’t pop up. Just did it again. Still no mission. I have lots of work to do on toons. Give me back stuff! Lol but all jokes aside is this normal? Or maybe a bit glitchy?


It’s normal, just search the forum for YGL and there is a post every other day


Lmao I have it back now. Took a bit longer then usual. Ah well keep surviving it is lol


It’s the most annoying mission


yep and its designed to make us buy trainer packs


meh 3 days waiting and still nothing xD


I’ve never had this problem in any of the regions I’ve played in…I usually start a crappy mission and then abort till it pops up. but then again my scavenger is only at level 13 atm. Maybe it hides when it’s fully upgraded?


You need to start and abort other missions for it to appear again @Skaffa


I did that twice till I could abort no more. Eventually there were no Mort missions available. Maybe it’s a fail safe to not over use it.


I had no problem getting YGL until I upgraded my scav camp to lvl 20 and hit prestige level 8, now it’s an ongoing cluster-fuck where I’m lucky to see it twice a week,


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