482 Red stun gun attempts

Hello everyone. I have been playing since December 2015 so this will be an interesting debate. Do different alert weapons have better chance at certain traits.

I still have yet to make a stun gun
Coming up to 500 attempts
(yes I have no life)

Most common traits I seem to craft

Hp at 30 x273 times
Hp at 60 x96
Hp at 70 x67
Att down x46

However my account is able to craft these no problem

Huge bonus to AP when attaching
Huge bonus to AP when taken damage
30 att +5 +5 (40 attack)
30 crit +5 +5 (40 crit)

They never fail.

I have tried for impair on tough two times both success

And 3 fast reflect damage when being attached at 80 percent all three times in the first attempts (tongue twister)

I know someone gonna be like" Yo I have 5 stun guns " 52 absolute defence" 800 impairs hahah and good for you
I’m clearly not bless by the RNG gods

Keep on surviving y’all :+1:t2:


i have the same problem
playing for 17 months now not 1 stun weapon
i did craft 3 absolute defends
2 green AP down when being attacked
2 impair weapons

keep surviving LOL

Here I am thinking my 60+ tries on red stun was bad 0.0. On a real though I haven’t had a trait crit in 7 months, and ive tried all kinds of weapons, AP down, abs def, impair, double attack, the works.

having crit territories (all 4) helps. i feel i have better luck when i craft specific traits two at a time i.e. 2x stun, 2x abs def etc. also i subscribe to the belief that armory location in your town makes a difference. i got back to back stun guns on two separate attempts when i had my armories here…

got my abs def and 8% from here

got my impairs (both atk and def) from here…

and all my greens from here…

i craft when we have all 4 armory territories and move the armories to the spot when trying for a certain trait. thats just my experience trying for weapons. try out those locations and maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t but after x amount of attempts and no luck what else do you got to lose besides mats?

I have the most luck without any crafting territories at all, it’s how I got most of my weapons, and without tryin to sound too much like a braggart I have… enough… I find the crit Terri’s only really help when tryin for +30 instead of +24, when goin for slot 3 I’ve always gotten the crappy crit with the Terri’s. Also seem to have better luck on named weapons, Like Carl’s Superior Red Dot Smg, but obviously it’s all anecdotal and have absolutely no proof that it works, just my experiences with it.

Reflect damage isn’t the goal for yellow, absolute defense is. What category are you crafting the red out of? Defender? Slayer? Because This

Is not an option. So i assume you mean bonus Defense.
Keep plugging away

I’ve typically had best luck when trying on the same weapon, resetting and trying again. I’ve had success on first tries but also have had success after 70tries. My first absolute Def weapon took over a year to obtain of non stop tries.
I typically rotate what I’m working on. Might try for double attack for a few weeks then move to stun on attack.
Also as above mentioned are you sure your using the right special? Defender 3 for red stun?

I’ve hit on my last three tries for abs zero, although red stun have been purchased 4 times and crafted once, lol. Still haven’t crafted AR down, but green stun had worked twice. Blue impair when attacked for Magna was another one that I gave up on and had to purchase. I always say that the only way to get consistently “lucky” with Scopely is to buy your luck.

I pulled this one out of the oven last night. I tried it on a silly weapon to see if it would work. Got Aris on first try last weekend. Crafting is true RNG.

I have 3 Stun Guns, 1 Absolute Defense, 1 Green Stun, but just can’t get more and Nothing for Tough Weapons. I once were mostly Tough and needed to Change it, Just because of that

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Luck aka scopeesteared reward system comes in waves. You will see it in farming, crafting, and many other “random” events. Some times you just have to wait it out.

A person ages ago went through the code and determined that you have a loot tear based system. Top medium and low rewards. The more pulls you do the higher up you go on the stairs of loot until you get a jack pot then down you go to bottom. Seems to hold true and at times you will say oh I am lucky today when really you have made it to the reset point.

This all could be wrong but the pattern fits the reward system.

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Are you using duct tape and polishing kits? I failed so many times because i only used the polishing kits. All 6 of my stuns were crafted from revolvers too.

Yo I have 5 stun guns 52 absolute defence 800 impairs

I recently got red stun.

Desert eagles work the best for me, gotta also be sure to provide Earl ample booze


Earl is partial to pork rinds, penthouse, and moonshine.

Dont use areas if u want crits lol.

use same eeapons again nd again untill u get the result and nd belive me maximum it will take 2 to 3 attemps least it worked for me

I dont craft all the time but I’ve found
~ seem to get better odds when I dont have cric terrorties
~ had greater chance when disarm toons released, especially when blue mich
~ greater chance when I have a in higher ranked faction

I’ve gotten pretty much 3 to 4 of each special ( stun, in pairs and ab def)

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