40 vs 4 x10? Improved odds?


Ok so I was wondering about the improved odds note where the odds are displayed. Do the odds differ from doing a single 40 pull as opposed to doing 4 x 10 pulls? I think we need clarification on this subject.


Why are you still pulling toons? All tapjoy would be ok.


Tapjoy is still advertising money


I’m sure it’s been said before (by Scopely) that any multi pull is just X number of single pulls. So the only advantage of a 40 is the cheaper price per pull.

Of course with all the talk of accounts which seem to have higher levels of luck than others, you might want to take anything Scopley say with a pinch of salt…


That’s what i was thinking. But, I’d like to know when your odds increase. A slight increase after every pull? Or after every 10 pulls? 40 pulls? 80? I really think they should tell us. Because if your odds went up drastically for say pulls 41 and up, I’d consider saving coins to do 2 big pulls to get the bump in odds.


seeing as it’s 1% for a 5* ascend-able and 6* promo, you’re probably better off doing a 40 pull to maximize the odds because I’ve seen people do upwards of 10 10 pulls and not receive a 6* toon. I think your odds reset after each pull regardless of “Better odds per pull”. I think that only applies to the guaranteed 5* pull after 40.


and most have see people do upwards of 10 40 pulls and not receive the promo…


Yeah, the current cryptic message is kinda bullshit if you ask me.

And of course, how much they increase. You could increase the chance of pulling a 6★ by 100% but that still means you’d only have a 2% chance of pulling one…


I think it’s just referring to pulling the guaranteed 5*


Is that even still a thing? I thought we’d come to the conclusion it was broken following all the reports of people not getting a 5★


I thought it was fixed, I haven’t done many pulls but I’ve received multiple 5* and at least one ascendable with every big pull I’ve done


I’ve not big pulled in months, maybe a year so I’m just going off the posts here.


Once they got rid of 3* I decided to chuck a few bucks on big pulls, I was F2P for a long time and then monthly pass only so I was ok with it. Probably got a couple 10 pulls left in me and then back to monthly pass.


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