40% Survivor Territory Crashing & Swallowing Refills & Survivors

Exactly as the title says

When you have both territories (20+20%) and use salvage tokens the game is crashing, this causes a significant problem when you use a refill in between the crashes that you dont know is going to happen or not.

I had 19 refills, run it a few times and it crashed, i went onto different stages, done some levelling up because that hard copies onto the server side of things, it still crashes BUT it keeps your level up score BUT BUT BUT removes survivors and refill.

This is an issue thats been going on for months now and still not had any push to correct it

JB anyone?


my game crashes when I try to get a few terrorties, I would love to test it out

cant even get to ur stage lol

it only ever crashes when you get a decent amount as well.

A few nights ago it crashed over and over for me, id always get 138 survivors plus the bonus and it would reset. Funnily enough as soon as we didnt have the terrs it was fine


Yep. And videos were uploaded when asked. Still no fix

Thisis the exact problem, the game is denying players the actual playing of this game to progress

everytime it reset though id try something else first wait for all adds and offers to update, maybe do a raid and everything was fine then id use a token and crash again. Also the fact that this went on for around 30 or so minutes and everytime i used a token i got the same amount of survivors kind of points to it not being so random what you get from mapps

Funnily enough the coins you spend dont roll back now do they lol

I’m convinced that it’s part of their anti-cheating defences.

The trouble is… It turns on when you get good luck… And are not cheating.

Which is a problem… as imagine you win at a slot machine and it resets and you lose your winnings and only get your wager back.

Pretty shifty IMO

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I saw this happen repeatedly the other day. The thing that makes me agree with Trout is that it was when I was getting 100 survivors + 40 bonus. I would get 140, crash, get 140, crash, get 140, crash… I think it may be something about getting the maximum possible amount or something. It has happened to me in the past, but it seems to be very rare and I remember being like “wtf, I just got a huge number of survivors and NOW you crash!?”

Same problem here with the 120 + 48 (bonus) survivors. About 5 crashes in a row. Unable to farm in auto because of this so switched back to manual. Fix your game @GR.Scopely

That is the other point

Once the game crashes, if you repeat the same steps you get the EXACT same toons, weapons and survivors. It just wont allow you to progress with 140+ survivors


Which also points to the Random in RNG.

Random is not the same when repeated… OR erased when positive.

Pure Tucker falseness.


This every time it sucks, game always resets without fail next go you get 10 grrrrr @GR.Scopely

Yep 100 or more and the game will reset it takes you back in time, this has been going on for years and just like territories sucks to f

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there are other instances where its never random

the game used to crash on a pull, then revert … you always got the same pull again,. also was the same with weapons and training grounds. i think thats where alot of the exploits came from back in 2016

Same exact thing has happened to me many many times. Seems to always be when you get 120+40 survivors, iirc. Game will crash and roll back several minutes, but often minus the energy. And if I redo the same level, using any color token, it gives identical drops again and crashes. Annoying af

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I’ve had this happen before. It doesn’t happen that often to me, but it’s a lot more than it should.

The place where I experience the most game crashes, besides the ever present and yet to be addressed or fixed Territories crashes, is oddly enough in the Training grounds.

Why this happens Idk, but I’ll go to train my survivors but when I do the game will start to act stupid, the little spinning icon in the lower corner will start to pop up & spin plus the train button will work intermittently, then the screen will freeze and ultimately become unresponsive until the game just reboots itself. When the game finally starts back up all of my survivors are missing but they were never trained and all of my NRG is gone even if I still had some left.
It’s like the game jumps back in time 10 mins prior to me gaining the survivors. The scummy thing is that anything I used to get those now missing survivors like refills and salvage tokens are Gone, which is bullshite.

I’ve probably filled out 10 tickets about this in the past 8months and like ALWAYS Nothing is done and I get the same lazy arse copy paste lip service response of “we’ll take it to the team” :roll_eyes: I feel like saying take this :fu: to the team

Another day, another crash

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