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Think your taking what I say out of its full context and referring to Scopely, taking into consideration their track history with their customers.

What I say is an opinion that some may agree or disagree with. If you believe in God, it’s not the 10 commandments that was set in stone that came down from the mountain carried by moses. That all must obey or thet wont go to heaven. Its just an opinion.

And the great thing about opinions is that it’s neither wrong nor right, it’s not proven fact. It’s someone else’s points of views based on various factors, which is shared on things like forums that’s opened for discussion.

You don’t agree with my opinion that’s great and completely up to you. I’m not going to question anything pertaining to your personal life about it or make assumptions about your working life or personal life or situation. It’s opinions, sometimes opinions differ and that’s fine.

Have a lovely weekend, if ur in the UK Monday is going to be 28 degrees! So if u got a garden, hope you get some time to go out in it if that’s your thing :blush:

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Let me first start by saying I don’t always disagree with what you say. I know that’s not been said here but I wanted to make it a point to be known. I disagree with how you go about stating it.

You have put out there many times that you were or are I don’t remember which part that was a customer service manager of global proportions. I am not and I am fully aware that I am not. I am a business owner so I see things in a different light. Were you see a company trying to appease the customer I see them as trying to please. So, we both know where Each other is coming from.

At the end this will be another one of those things were will have to agree to disagree about what it is.

Not in the UK, smack dab in the middle of the United States. I think you guys call the yard a garden and we have a pretty nice yard and at the end of it a pretty nice lake. Our temperature will be similar to yours on that day and I hope you enjoy your weekend and Monday as well. We can still be friends even if we don’t agree on much. LOL

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Excatly, we don’t have to have the same view points, but we can still get along as long as there is respect self awareness and compassion.

We aint perfect, and who would wanna be and we all make mistakes or say things out of turn and on here dealing with tones and predictive text, irs hard. But it’s always good to hear different points of view whether you agree with them or not and be open, if not, your just in your own echo chamber.

And we come from different prospective, experiences etc all which has validity as well.

People got different ways of expressing themselves, mine might jar you abit but drawing from my early days if CS experience, being on the phones, sometimes it’s just some ppls ways & different way of communicating which may come off as one way, but for the person isn’t meant in that tone if u get me. ( soz I’m being long winded, just had an old fashioned that was arh, wonderful).

Anyways all cool, cool to agree to disagree and sure can be friends… (i finished the old fashioned and want another one lol, damn it’s good hehehehe, I made em too)

But anyway, will be having a lovely time in the sun with me oldies and some good grub in the garden ( yeah we call it garden, I call it yard too but that can mean home also). Crack a beer for me! :wink:

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