40 Pulls guarenteed 5* = LIE


According to the recent announcement on the premier recruit pulls any 40 pull would yield a guarented 5* no matter if done one at the time or all at the same time. I made my total of 40 pulls and no 5*, contacted support and ooops nevermind we forgot to tell you that we lied again all 40 pulls will need to be made on one promotional event but we wont tell you… Another day another scopely lie. I am getting ready to stop playing and dealing with those BS. I want my credit refunded


go to google play or apple and tell them and you’ll get a refund.



I believe it was clarified on the old forums that the 40pull counter resets every promo.


You could have shared a screenshot of the 40 pull you did. It shouldn’t matter how you got the coins, you should have got 1 5* out of 40. We just have to take your word for it because there is no screenshot. Also, I am surprised you were patient enough to save up that much coins through free offers. Before support told you the part about “the player has to make 40 pulls in the same promotional event”, I remember that being said before in-game support told you that.

That bottom part says one thing, but I do remember someone saying that it has to be done in the same promotional event. I wouldn’t call it a lie, I would call it more like being vague and not transparent enough. I wouldn’t call it a scam either, just not being thorough enough to explain things fully. Maybe they left out some details by accident, maybe it was intentional, but I wouldn’t be quick to assume, call them liars or assign blame. They should be asking you what they could do to make you happy so that you are coming out of it as a happy customer.


I got coins from offers and mtly pass and provided all screen shot of my pulls. They don’t have to only take my word for it. I have back-up!


It not a detail when it completely change the end result


It was stated that it resets when the promotion expires.


Where ? Nothing on the annoucement …


This, it was clearly relayed on the old forums


Yes buried in a thread somewhere. Cause that’s just how they do it.


Nah, otherwise it wouldn’t be known by so many people. Fairly certain it’s in the thread they made for the changes to the system


any clarify here - just did some single pulls on the current Promo which is Ascendable Hershel and got a Telltale Jesus


I do remember people initially asking for clarification and they told us for a promotion it resets. For non promotional pulls it does not.


Well i never use the forum no clarification was sent in game … Another day another steal…


look through dash’s messages hes the one that explained how it worked and when it would be reset (which is whatever promo you started your first pull ends.) i believe he explained it again on this new forum as well.


Post #8 by Dash.


it’s been mentioned multiple times. Not scopely’s fault you never checked the old forum. you live and learn, get over it.


When the 40 pulls with a guaranteed 5* was first introduced, I was taken advantage of as well. I contacted support asked for a breakdown. I read support’s breakdown, took a screenshot of that response and also the generic inbox promotion message stating guaranteed 5* , then sent it to my bank. Even my bank determined that i was mislead. The bank then did what it does best, protect my money.


It was mentioned on the old forum that it has to be during a single premier recruit period, but it was only mentioned on the forum & only by one Scopely employee.

Foxtrot said any 40 pulls regardless of how long it took to do them, think it was Dash that clarified it, I was fuming when I found out because it isn’t vague, it’s a lie. The in game announcement makes no mention of it needing to be a single premier period, just that it’s 40 pulls however you do them.

Just further bait & switch tactics from the market leader in misinformation.