40 pulls for pryia

Dis is me.Doing 40 pulls for a second pryia so I save some cones.


That’s so,e really bad music

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Congrats! You might want to edit out (remove) your account code at the end mate.

I like it so you know what.I dont care

Like if I am being honest old S-Class toons should be pullable from premiere eventually or once it has and a a red velvet cake collection not brand new toons.

Congrats! I did pull as well (tapjoy), same reason and had to go to 100. No regrets though, needed cake anyway.

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According to Scopely, there is danger in showing your account code. I don’t quite remember the details, but they call it a ‘friend code’ and you won’t be opening yourself up to hacking if you share it.

Was before when someone hacked the game by this code now they have dropped that

Thanks for not making us watch the pulls one at a time…

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Congrats @TheSteve. I was rooting for ya!

tbh background music was horrible infect real torture to ears

Too bad!

Thanks bro appreciate it

Well I’m bored my self doing them 1 at a time so I just rush it.


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Let me know who is worth pulling next!

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