40 pull no 5 star


Can we get an explanation, @kalishane ?


I think you misunderstood. You are still guaranteed a 5* with every 40 pulls in premier. However, it’s not guaranteed that when you do a 40-pull you will get a 5*. There’s a very subtle difference in those two statements, and the difference is when you start counting.

If you do a single pull in premier recruits and get a 5*, that single pull counts as your guaranteed 5* for the first 40 pulls and you’re not guaranteed another until pull 80. Therefore, you could, in theory, do a 40-pull and not get a 5* because that 40-pull is pulls 2-41 and you’re not guaranteed another until pull #80. You could, in fact, go 78 pulls in a row (pull #2 through pull #79) with no 5*.


@ladygeek had a beautiful line graph showing the workings of the 40 pull- 5star guarantee but it seems it has dissapeared.


Thank you @LadyGeek !!!


I was trying to explain it that way, but I guess he didn’t understand


It’s still there :slight_smile:

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Sweet thank you!
I told you it was purdy, and straight to the point : )