40 pull no 5 star


So. It happened. It finally happened. Did a 40 pull for Erika and a didn’t receive my guaranteed 5* scopely.

I demand compensation for this…


Did u msg support?


Not yet because it’s not like the support section actually helps people.

When was the last time somebody said something good about the support section.


They will tell you that you need to do 50 in a row in order to get a Epic and if you do they will make it 60. That is the response I got from Scopely. Go directly to Apple or Google play and ask for a refund. Scopely just gives automated answers and lies.


This a Fact


no, it is bullshit. it was 40 pull for 1 guaranteed epic in the same promotion. did you do a 40 pull all at once? if you did then yes, contact support and tell them you didn’t get a 5*. they aren’t going to tell you that it went from 40>50 and then 50>60 that guy Neil is bullshitting. He just wants to ride the hate train.


I have been fighting with support over some pulls i made for Beta.

There are people still having issues, but refuse to accept it.

I have some pics.

Not sure i want to air that here yet.


Mistake is to stop pulling, double 40 and then you will get something, garanteed. I am mostly getting giggles.


The fact you think I’m making it up is pretty funny. A 40 pull does not guarentee a Epic. They will tell you that it is after a 10 pull and once I showed 50 in a row with not 1 epic they turned it into 60. I don’t hate I just speak the truth about pure money grabs.


They changed that months ago. Premier doesn’t have the 1 in 40 guarantee, only elite tokens. You don’t get a guarantee in premier until you make 2 big pulls, then you are guaranteed at least 2 5*, but not necessarily the premier toon.


And every time the premier changes your counter resets.


Copy paste response.


Source? Where was it mentioned that it was changed?


It was in three different posts on the previous forum. Also three faction mates got that explanation from customer service. Actual responses, not the canned messages.


I wish I could remember who specifically, but they were one of the developers who came on to explain it in each thread it was being criticized in.


If you can find the source, that’d be nice. However, the policy should still be a guaranteed 5* per 40 pulls done. It’s likely a miscommunication or misinterpretation regarding the policy. Just a few hours ago, a developer explained it again in a different thread and it should still be at least 1 5* per 40 pulls.


You didn’t get what you were promised, get a refund.


Exactly. Premier is a guaranteed 5* per 40 pulls. You could get that said 5* (whether it’s the advertised toon, or another 5*) in the first 10 pulls and no more for that particular premier in the remaining 30 pulls.

Do 2 40 pulls? 2 guaranteed 5* anywhere in those 80 pulls. Could be the first out, could be the last of each set of 40.

When the timer resets, and a new toon is released in premier, it starts again.


Originally, yes. The published announcement from back in August said a guaranteed 5 for every 40 pulls in premier and elite. However, the middle of September they changed that in the forums, but never made an official announcement page. They said the 40 guarantee would remain in elite, and never reset. It’s a rolling 40. However, they said that in premier receiving a 5* in the first 40 pull was luck. They said they wouldn’t guarantee a 5 on the first 40, but that people who made 2 big pulls would be guaranteed 2 5*s.


Luck is not excuse, work 30 mins more, you can make enough credit to spend whole gaming which you are playing …