40 pull from Pete wheel?

Anyone pulled from the Pete wheel? Worth it?

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Yea some people getting as low as 50’keys from 40’pulls. Walk away.


I got 4k keys for 5* Pete, a factionmate got old 6*s only, same as any other promo for his 6* version

Damn. No hope for Pete then haha

Scopely are as shady as usual and hiding the real odds for the 5500 bag. Lets assume its the same as any premiere so like 0.2%. And u need 2 of em for his s rank. So don’t do it

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I got peer pressured into doing a 40 pull. Not one ascendable nor a 6*… And only 250 blue keys… The rest 4* and 3 terrible 5*s

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Wait more chr is coming soon

10 pull 5500 keys. Happy. But not S-class tho.

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Love it they are adding another level of RNG to everything and people will still spend for less. Even the event rewards got even more RNG added to them. This game is on a downward spiral fast.


I got 20,000 coins from the supreme crate and my fac mates told me to do some big pulls. I did 91 pulls and I only got like 1k keys and 1 ascendable. Not even close :frowning:

You’re being peer pressured into spending money? Scopes loves you.

Who’s the ascendable?

I managed to get Mackenzie, was hoping for Lydia but she works.

90 pulls and only 250 keys the only good thing that came from it is a disarm michonne and green Gabriel,but not too mad since the 90 pulls I got where from those mystery bags


I agree, I got disarm Michonne and I absolutely love her! She’s my first disarm toon and my first double attack ar character :smiley:


Got 11000 keys from 1 big and 1 ten pull

Nice one you managed to get the Blue keys bag :slight_smile:

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Tbf, the non S class Pete is already insanely OP

That’s if anyone can even get it. With ppl doing 100/200 pulls and not getting even 1 thousand keys, it’s very unlikely

this is my team with him. I didn’t do many pulls lmao