40 pull... 39 4*


So much for “doubled chances” for 6* and 5* that is some bullshit to the max. What kind of RNG is this :neutral_face:


That is quite common rng.




Show me that 5* please.


Even with the improved odds, there’s a 19.5% chance of getting no ascendables/six stars on a 40 pull.


4% from 40 is 1,6 so he should pull 1 ascendable 5☆ or 6☆.


that’s not how % work, lol
he has a 96% chance per pull not to get an ascendable/6*
96%^40 = 19.5% which is the chance of not getting a single ascendable/6*


Each individual pull no matter if done as a single, a ten or 40, each toon that comes out has a 91% chance of being a 4*, a 2% chance of being a 5* ascendable, a 2% chance of being a 6*. You are, in theory, supposed to have a 100% chance of getting 1 Five Star, I would assume (and that is probably not right) that that 5* has a 2% of being ascendable.
It is arguable if doing large packs vs singles actually improves your chances, but at the very least, it saves you coins

*the above is how I understand the wheel to work



Do another 40 pull. You’ll get it. Guaranteed. :smirk:




That’s my kinda luck right there. Then you see dudes running around with an entire roster of Prem toons and I am left thing… really?!?


Lol… sounds about right.




So using the above math for X… number of pulls, success at pulls, success getting a 6* that is great, by cost per pull.
To calculate how much someone has ‘invested’ to get that lineup (for bragging rights)


Its scopelie, what did yall expect ?



6* Aaron, kind of useless when you ask me since my roster is so short on GREEN gear :confused:


He’s good for Survival Road if you don’t have Abe.


Already got Abe :frowning:


“That’s some awesome pulls right there. Keep on surviving.”-Scopley