40 character pull rip off


I just did 40 character pull for the first time. Im very disappointed. I got in total

39 - 4star characters
1 - 5 star non ascendable character

What a rip off? Why scopely doesnt want me to enjoy the game?


And that’s why you don’t spend your hard earned money on a app game with rng


Damn im so pissed. Never shelling out money for this game again

The hard truth is that Scopes indeed is not keen on player experience , many other games provide with such rewards which make players hungry for more , and satisfied in the same time , scopely is missing out on a great opportunity too make their player base even more loyal , folks here stick around because of their faction mates and the fun of playing together with a great bunch of people I’ve been with my faction since the very beginning of the game we transferred here from another game called Beyond The Dead which was a great game , anyhow don’t expect anything from Scopes , enjoy being in a good faction have fun with your mates , I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again , sometimes you have to give a little to get a lot , scopely fails to do so and that’s a fact , cheers


Unfortunately there’s been way worse than this. I’ve gone 4 straight 40 pulls without getting one ascendable. Live and learn. Enjoy this game for what it is, a slot machine basically.


It’s far worse then a slot machine … even if you do win once they will make it poinlless in a couple weeks since they release a new better toon every week


That’s a true story. I think I’ve finally kicked my habit of spending for toons. I’ll buy the small offers to help my faction but the days of multiple pulls are behind me. Absolutely ridiculous.

Sorry for your poor luck but sadly this is pretty much exactly what the advertised odds show. 1% chance of a 5* ascendable and 1% chance of a 6*. Unless you get really lucky it’s likely you have to do multiple pulls to get something good

Too bad scopely just lost me as a paying customer. I dont see myself spending again just for the same odds


Yep. All I can say is buyer beware. You can’t assume or expect to get something good when spending or rolling the dice with Scopely. They put way too much effort into RNG that is heavily weighted one way.

Welcome to the Suck.


you must know this: promos are almost impossible to get. wait for the 4th or 5th appereance of the toon you like. if you pull wait for the comeback of 2%. at last, be asured you probably wont pull what you want. its scumply :+1:

I’m LMAO at this thread. Is this click bait? If you did a single 40 pull and your odds were 1% on pulling a 6*, 1% on a 5* (ascendable or otherwise) and you managed to pull a 5*, then you BEAT THE ODDS. Congratulations. You beat Scopely’s RNG odds machine!


Rofl… Hey, at least u got a 5*! Keep on surviving!

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That is a great point. The odds are lower than the guaranteed 5* per 40. How awesome is that? LMAO

It’s really time for them to update the guareenteed five star in a forty pull. I mean come on. That’s like guareenting a four star at this point. @JB.Scopely take this to the team. Should be a guareenteed ascendable. Everyone can use more Jessie’s!

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Take it to to the team :slight_smile: hahahaha that’s too funny


Lol right :joy::joy::joy::joy:

The only game where when you win, you still lose.

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“The Team” just doesn’t care :slight_smile:

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