4 years event / Actual game

Is kind of cheap, no?
I don’t get it.
So many craft items theses days, it’s just getting disgusting.
Powerful toons should be dispo in the main wheel permanently, with a low % sure but still present.
The actual system is so lame, you could make your customers trully happy with good free game and still have good purchases contents but no, it’s trash.

Your politic as a customer seems to be so wrong, I’ve myself as exemple 23k gold coins still waiting to be spend but you keep doing very lame promotions, so I just can’t use it, if you had good stuff like a wheel with cool toons and decent odds I would be trully happy to use it or even to buy gold coins if needed witch is your goal as a company, no?
But the way is it I just don’t want to spend anything, even my “free gold” witch is a true indicator of the offer you giving actually.

Excuse my english


Yes i have 36k coins and honestly do not see the point of using them right now or perhaps ever

And as a complement I can say that a good wheel should be something like

Top tier legend toons (the ones who had their own wheel on their time) around 0.4-0.7% permanently

Lower legend toons around 1.4-1,7% or more or less or what ever

New toons could be present with lower chances like 0.1% and higher with his own wheel during a while like the way it is in the game.

It’s just an idea, and my numbers are of course randoms but the game the way it is is just dumb butter, stones, caps, keys, soon rubis? It has to stop because you’re not going anywhere.

You have to propose proper contents

1 in 1000 pulls for a new toon? So you rate a new toon at £2475 value (40 pulls = £99). Ok then. Like the guy who tried to sell me a carpet in Turkey - there is no point in compromising here because our ball parks are astronomically far away from each other.

I said about 2 wheels actually, you always should have more chances from a special wheel of this toon.

People don’t want to spend for a less powerful toon even if the chances are double. It’s all about the top tier toons. I remember in 5 * days they had some very good cards in the same wheel as the latest promo, you had a chance to get something decent even if you didn’t hit the jackpot. Now it’s just the promo and a range of completely useless ascendables nobody wants.

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