4 year anniversary

Is this the most boring event they have ever done? It’s should be a celebration right? Different things going on every day to celebrate 4 years…
Nope there’s literally nothing to do but level up your crap chars and wait to pick up the rubbish Sergio…
Why why why?!
Urgh another negative post :pensive:


tbh i’ll get sergio just for my collection only.

If you can even get him.

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Haven’t even managed a single pull from the stash yet. Don’t see how it’s actually possible without spending money as well never have enough events to finish the stashes other than possibly the Level up one. We get 2 or 3 raids a fortnight and one or two survival road.

If you have hit level up milestones you should’ve had a pull by now.

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i’m not so sure tho lol

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