4* weapon parts roadmap @kalishane

Release a roadmap please. We need PK & DT



Make it a two act roadmap, part one should have 3* parts, spray paint, super glue etc., part two Polishing kits, Duct tapes.


+1 We need this! Can’t rely on SR to give us tapes or kits.

Bump @kalishane

It’d be nice to have these more regularly, 1 pk and dt every once in a while is nothing considering how many attempts it takes to hit the good crits.

When you realise the last 4* weapon parts roadmap was 2 month ago


Was it really 2 months ago?!? Didn’t think it had been as long as that!


Nobody wants to craft stun gun?

+100,000,000 Yes!


Diude thats awesome!

Bump @kalishane ill spend money on it i promise, my faction will also! Please

$$$$$$$ :wink:

I heard a gear map went out – was it this one?


No. OP is asking for a 4 star weapon map. The one that has Duck Tape and Polishing Kits for rewards. (DT and PK)

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Tnx buddy

So @kalishane can we have a roadmap for PK & DT aka the 4* weapon parts roadmap??? :slight_smile:

If you guys do this again please increase the drop rates. The previous drop rates during this map were vulgar


do we need to beg for a simple road map. Wasted all my world cans so i can get to Lvl 115 since this map is never going to happen.

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