4* toons in heartbreak token wheel?

The percentage table doesn’t list 4★ at all but I found at least TWO 4★ in the wheel. Is it another trick from Scopely to fool us?



What can I say Scopely just loves Molly I swear shes always in these wheels so often with a 0% of reciving.


So this is just another false advertisement?

It’s very likely just a visual bug.


@JB.Scopely can you look into this?

Easy way to file a claim and get that $ back under false advertisment


Not a visual bug. Ppl are getting all 4★’s from this wheel.

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Proof? I’ve only gotten 5*

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Someone in my region already did a pull from it & get all 4★’s they said.

The heartbreak and walker head tokens are different. Walker head has 4* and heartbreak is all 5*

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Molly & Clark are both shown in the wheel.


I scrolled through myself and saw no 4*

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Then they pulled the wrong wheel I assume.

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Molly is bae one of my first healers

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During the Diego stash fiasco JB said odds aren’t written up by staff and posted independently, but rather derived by a program based on the available pool.
Stuff like this happening multiple times now makes me doubt him.

Either the odds are written independently or the wheel’s visual display is independent from the actual pool. Something ain’t right here.


Its like there is a “Diego chance” at getting anything right anymore :joy:
( another player very geniously used the diego chance line and i thot it was brill so i am stealing the use of ,no idea who they were but kudos)

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Pics or it didn’t happen.

Seriously though, until there is a bit of proof, Scopely aren’t going to look into it too hard based on forum hearsay.


I implied this to JB during the Diego fiasco and he denied they were separate and it was a rounding error, which would have made sense if they nerfed the odds so low it really did round down to 0.0%.

You would have to hope that the display is independent of the actual prize pool but and that it is the actual prize pool which determines the odds which are displayed. It would however mean the potential for shady practices when it comes to advertising - if a wheel can display a 4 star toon when they cannot actually be pulled, how do we know they aren’t displaying other (e.g. 6 star former premier) characters who also cannot be pulled?


So far , I’ve done one pull , and I pulled a five star

Did you look into my original post? The pics clearly show Molly in the wheels