4* tokens are useless


4* tokens are useless atm. Stop giving them on territories and replace them with with other tokens probably giving ascendable 100% but harder to pull


No, you shouldn’t hand out good characters to everyone.


They are useless at the current point. I have to agree, since except for 3 exclusive Characters in there,
everythink is in Premier Recruits. But Ascendable 100%, For Real? Keep Dreaming


Tbh even 5* tokens are useless we need 6* token wheel


They are quite good for newer players looking to play survival road where it’s only one colour and you can sell them for supply depot tokens which can also be quite good if you are newer.

I agree there should be something better for players who have been here a while. There should at the least be a 5* ascendable wheel. I also agree the toons shouldn’t be given away though. You should have to work for those tokens a bit.


this 100%


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