4* token conversion please

How about some type of conversion system for 4* tokens? Say 1000 4* = 100 5* …i know ascendance is supposed to help us but who really is trying to level 4* when all the points to hit milestones are made for 5* and 6*. The higher rate for conversion would compensate for not leveling I’d say.


That sounds good. Like trade in 1,000 elite item tokens in for an Erika,


Problem ascending 4s to 5s is silver medals. I did a lot of 4s to 5s early and now have 750 legendary tokens and less than 10k silver after ascending 19 6s and a bunch of 5s.

This system already exists in two forms: ascendance and the supply depot. Odds are you’re not getting significantly more than 9 4 stars a week, so the weekly ascendance maps plus survival road crates should be enough to consistently get a 5 star every week through ascendance, unless you’re just not trying very hard or aren’t at that point in the game yet.

Not so sure about this. The influx of 4* Token is so low, that only people (like you) who hoarded them will benefit significantly in the beginning. But then that’s it.

Nowadays we get more 5* Token than 4* Token.

I would have a few more 4* on the Wheel on not only 3 Exclusiv. There are so many Great and useful trapped in a mostly-non aviable Place. I’m mostly care about These, because of my Second Region. Just to name a few examples they should add:
Carson “RTS1” (Green)
Christine (Unreleased) (Green)
Conrad “Ties That Bind” (Blue)
Carmen (Unreleased) (Blue)
Andrew “Safey Behind Bars” (Yellow)
Jeremy (Unreleased) (Yellow)
Dominic (Unreleased) (Red)

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When ascendance 1st arrived I didn’t bother levelling 4*.

After a while though IF YGL popped up when there wasn’t a LU scheduled (don’t laugh) I fill it with 4* toons, eventually you end up with five maxes 4* toons ready to ascend into 5*s.

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Or a bit more… :wink:

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100% agree, I save all my 4* tokens and depot every single 4* that I get!


Guy in my group wishes they would do the same for 5*s

I like your guy’s thinking…

Woow WTF man,
R u saving them for the apocalypse day or what?

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