4* to 5* Ascendance List


I tried finding a thread on it but I couldn’t find one that exists. Is there a list of what toons you can get when ascending a 4* to a 5* of each trait? If you can direct me to a different website or write out a list here that would be appreciated. I have heard that ascending a 4* strong toon can get you a 5* human shield Lee. What are all the other possibilities in each trait?

I have gotten these Alert toons when ascending 4* to 5*

  1. Joshua “The Road To Woodbury”

  2. Glenn “Safety Behind Bars”

  3. Bruce

  4. Rick “Whispers Into Screams”

  5. Donny

And yes, 5* toons still matter to me. #EpicToonsMatter



Thanks very much. I had a brain fart at first but I found the list. It started me at page 1 but I seen I was supposed to go to page 11.


Yeah, it looks like this forum is messing up the ampersands in links…

Could try copying and pasting this link: