4 star weapons, when to disassemble/sell, when to keep/upgrade?

I’ve been slowly trying to get a good set of 4 star fully upgraded weapons and I have a pretty big amount of untouched weapons. When is it worth it to keep them or sell/breakdown?

For example I have like 14 Violent Camouflaged Rifle with 25% Atk, +15 Crit and 10% Def. Compared to the better weapons I get, will these ever be useful? Similar other ones are things like the Violent Bowie Knife (7 of those), Violent Assault SMG (6 of these) None have a purple stat and I have plenty of others to upgrade before these.

What do you all do with these weapons?

Sell them for SD points


I really wish that Scopely would add some dynamics to the armory. For example maybe allowing a level up of weapons, like we can on toons, for like weapons (alert, strong, tough, fast). Maybe to make a legendary (purple) stat. For now, depot or disassemble are the only options for weapons that are not useful.


I get enough 4 star weapons now that if it doesn’t have a 30% stat or huge ap (occasionally keep very large) I sell or disassemble.


Disassemble anything that doesn’t have a +25 or +30 flat stat or a special you want to keep.


Ok thanks all.

Try to make all attack or all def weps. Atk and def should not be on the same weapon. example atk,crit, impair when attacking = 100% attack wep. Def, hp, AP gain when attacked = 100% def weps. Anything with mixed stats I disassemble Just a suggestion. Hope it helps

And get the territory for a bonus and only dissemble 10 at a time to get those polishing kits and tapes

What’s the reasoning on doing 10 at a time? Just curious.

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I also try to have something in all the slots before disassembling 4* weapons. It takes a little bit more time but your material rewards will improve, even if it’s a level 1 stat.

It seems to give your more tape polish etc imo

Most best toons now have their own weapons. Crafting weapons is not that important now. I disassemble those which cannot reach 430.

I keep all my 4 star and 3 star weapons, I have 600 saved up this time. I’d sell them for SD points but I don’t need them as I never get ascendable toons in my depot that aren’t prestige 12 locked. So I just save them bc I’m a hoarder lol

But I’d say if you a bunch of multiples save maybe 5 of each so in case you want to outfit a whole team in a certain weapon you can.

Totally all my fault but I have over 10k weapons. 100 at a time would take forever. They just keep piling on :frowning:

How do you have 10k with only 1000 slots? I thought anything over gets discarded

Only from map loot, not tokens

you can long press weapons, wouldn’t take too long.

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