4 star weapons farming


Where do you farm 4 star weapons?

And what 4 star weapon would you recommend for special upgrade of each trait?


I’ve been told 13.3, 16.3 and 17.3, personally, 19.3 has given me best luck.


16.1 is where I farm. Typically I try on weapons that already have 1 purple legendary stat on them, that way you have less work to do overall.


I farmed 16.1 for ages but have moved to 23.7 a bit recently, had a bit of fortune with 4* and Liliths but nothing to really go too crazy about. Done 21.4 sometimes as well.


i alternate 13-3 and 13-5


I you want the best bang for buck 16.1 all the way.

16.1 x2 is more xp than 23.x 2x… 16.1 is 8 energy and you get pretty much the same items in one run of 16.1 … as u do in any 23 stage. So if u do 16.1 2x u essentially get 2x more items to sell for food. Which is always needed. Annnd then u get 2x the chances for 4* items as a result. Stage 23.x doesnt seem to have a better drop rate for 4* items.

Imho hittin 23.x is just to use energy faster.



I dont know if this data by Redux is outdated but i was looking at 16-1 has an option. According to Redux item-drop plateaus after 16, I typically do 13-3 but at this time 4 star weapon is my main goal to break the wall i have hit.


Item drop amount yes, but quality likely improves. It is kinda hard to gather enough data though to prove either way.


13-3 all day erry day. Anything more is foolish, there is a 24 item cap, quality plateaus at this point, only thing that goes up is elite tokens but not worth extra WE. More runs=more chances


Ok more runs more chances sounds good.


I’m in the “more runs = more chances” camp, that’s why 13-x is so roundly preferred. 13-5 being the obvious level unless you enjoy the extra time it takes to farm the walker missions or have a human farming team made up of 3 stars…


I generally farm 23.7 just to use up energy.

For mods I would recommend:

Defensive deagle - Defender 3
Negan’s violent SMG - Raider 3
Violent military shotgun - Supporter 3
Violent military shotgun - Defender 3
Defensive oar - Raider 3
Violent reinforced katans - Supporter 3
Violent reinforced katana - Slayer 3
Defensive ice climbing pick - Defender 3
Defensive ice climbing pick - Raider 3

But you could do whatever you want really. Plenty of different configurations that can work, but that is where I would start.


As was said earlier there is nothing better than 13.3 or 13.5. upper levels yield the same results with increased cost. Use as much drop leaders as you can. I strongly recommend 13.5 over 13.3 which give the same results but takes about 30-40 seconds more to farm due to walkers.

EDIT : forgot to mention farming Washington and Highschool weapon success rate territories is really good too. I think the 4* weapon rate and lilith rate here is even better than in 13.5. Use a rosa drop leader for that. they seem to be the territories with the highest loot table, giving 45 elite tokens. Only territories I havent checked because they are never occupied by walkers in my region are the four 5* ones like hilltop or kingdom. Maybe they could be better.


No love for 13.4. I usually farm that because the human levels are cake and you can kill them faster than the zombie levels.


Why 13.4 and not 13.5? They’re identical


If you need player XP this is the way to go, max your runs.

A couple of SR events tho and 125 is easy to coast to.

Back when I used to farm for 4* weapons, 13.5 was always good to me, but I would switch it up just depending on busy I was in RL.

I don’t really farm anymore at 125 tho


I dont see any lilliths… :stuck_out_tongue:

Junk! … lol… jk… 4* weps are da shyt.


I need that Kukari! How do I get it?


I’m in the camp that hates farming, time=$, so wasting time tapping away is a bore, I do 23.x a few times then done. Get a lot of 2*'s, sometimes 3*'s characters, Lilith’s and a few weapons. Best part it’s not a job burning threw my energy.


I dont even look at my screen to farm 16.1… i have my phone in my hand all day at work so i randomly set my farming team to auto and then randomly check em and repeat