4 star road isn't too bad (well yes)

I guess it gives you something to complain about. Read up…lots of tips. I guess new stuff scares you. Let me guess more…you like to complain?

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Just noticed lol. That was my team for the 5* map. I fixed it

Raids where handing them out last night. Every raid just about.

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Isi pisi

No need to guess. Just ask.
But I’m so sorry if my words had offended such a nice and docile human being as you.


Luckily, I’ve been saving up the 4* tokens. It’s kinda annoying but I do appreciate the change up; it’s something different (finally).

You realise GR most likely gets information a couple of hours before he gives it us? Give the guy a break, yes it’s his job, but he can only do so much. Half of the time the info he gets it’s wrong in some way.

Oh. Like when he posted Angel’s screenshot with one set of AR/AS while manually typing another? Come, on. Two hours are not enough to check that before posting?

Or like now he had posted info about this new event and immediately locked the thread? “We promise better communication” my ass

And btw there did these TWO hours came from? Why not THREE or FIVE? lol

Also are you sure there is a certain time on which he OUGHT to post? Or maybe they give him some info saying: “In two hours its gotta be online! Don’t check anything, just do it! We are paying you for posting only because obviously we can’t do it ourselves”.

All of this is just laughable.

Find a territory that’s walked in this event and farm, got loads of 4* this way as I had none to

Done it now had to watch 3 videos this morning which gave me my 5th 4*

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Jesus, calm your damn tits! I was only saying the blame for shitty communication, doesn’t fall on GR’s shoulders only. He can only tell us, what he himself is told. (I don’t believe he is told very much at all)

Yea pretty much, GR is the scapegoat, he doesnt know much of whats going on, they pay him to be the punching bag for the rts mobs. Lets be honest here, this community is toxic af and scopely, the ones calling the shots, making the events, offers, toons, etc send GR a message “post this” he posts it and that is about it and this community flips out at every little thing and swears that GR or any CM is the one who develops the game, makes descions, etc. Poor GR is prob locked up in their basement being fed pancake scraps

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Run, GR, run.

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He’s obviously a ghoul, asking where that primitive behaviors came from


It wasn’t a difficult task, pull 5-6 tens from basic tokens pick an attack leader, the 4 more to go, use the rest of characters to upgrade them to t2, mod them, give them weapons, go to scam 4s rm and do it. Tbh not hard to accomplish, sell/fodder them and get your mods back. It wasn’t hard, it was unnecessary, I didn’t find rewarding or challenging. All shards add up but not game breaking if someone decided not to bother

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