4 star road isn't too bad (well yes)

I used this shitty team with basic and elite characters without improving and it was more or less easy, the only thing that cost me was the last stage for the evasion of Dominic

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I don’t even have a 4*


You gotta get good and get them 4*, mod them, craft weapons, level them up, hold them in your roster, so excited! Pfft s class is for noobs, 4* is where the pros go, hope we get 3* maps soon! Woooo hooo


Go to basic tokens and pull, easy

then waste resources to level them up…

Supposedly we should have a lot of 4*. Right after CRW with all those basic tokens…

And I had, but due to “better communication” mode our freaking COMMUNITY MANAGER forgot to tell us to keep them!

It was not hard. It wasn’t “giving away” event info.
I mean they told us to keep collecting gold bricks, right?

That’s why the thread is blocked. CM has f’cked up and he knows it.



This map was pretty easy. Cleared it with t1l1 4*s. Just pulled from basic tokens, added some weapons and crappy mods. Not as bad as I thought it would be.


the team I used it, it was easy

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are 4 stars hard to get…


Screenshot_2018-11-13-10-43-36-1 LMAO!


*would help if I had any basic tokens


When you have ZERO of them and no basic tokens? Yeah, its a lot of needless moves.


Don’t waste all basic tokens, always keep some stuff in reserve in this game. Anyway, if you really can’t find a way, you can farm them on world maps.

Shitty Team?! Every One of the 4* is atleast 7 of 10.

I used this team.

super easy. not hard. done in 10

Managed to get thru with this team.
Support toons for the last 3 stages. Had HP or def

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It was super easy I used a bunch of random ppl from a 10 pull and none were t4. It is not a big deal if it was crazy hard I could see people getting pissed.

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Just like I said earlier: “A lot of needless moves”.
To lots of people.

When our COMMUNITY MANAGER could just said: “Hey guys, hold on to your 4*, something is coming”. And that’s it.

Not hard. And looks like part of CM’s job he got PAID for.

Those are 5 stars buddy